7 tips for getting rid of nasty smells around the house

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No matter how clean your home is, odors inevitably crop up from many unexpected places. Too many aisles in stores are devoted to air fresheners, scented cleaning supplies, candles and wax melts, but you don't have to rush out and purchase specialty products.
Instead, read about these 7 ways to eliminate your household smells. All you need are a few basic supplies to erase bad smells and replace them with scents you love.
1. Tuck little air fresheners throughout your home (h/t Redefined Mom)
These adorable little air freshener jars are simple to create and easy to tuck wherever you need a clean scent. From bathrooms to inside cabinets, they don't just mask odors. A layer of baking soda absorbs bad odors, while the Downy Unstoppables give off a fresh, clean scent. You could even use wax melt sprinkles or a drop or two of essential oil.
2. Absorb bad odors (h/t A Year of Slow Cooking)
You shouldn't just cover up odors -- they will often come back. Instead, help draw bad odors from the air without adding additional scents with this easy technique. Add baking soda and water to your crockpot. Leave the lid off and let simmer on low for as long as needed -- just keep an eye on it to make sure it doesn't run dry.
3. Get rid of musty furniture smells (h/t Little Vintage Nest)
Older pieces of furniture might still give off a musty odor even after cleaning. To thoroughly eliminate furniture smells, try a dual approach. Fill a few small bowls with baking soda, then set them on shelves and inside of drawers. Allow to remain for a few days or until the odor is gone. Then use white or apple cider vinegar to wipe down the outside and inside of the piece. When the vinegar smell vanishes, so will the musty odors.
4. Refill your plug-in (h/t Mom 4 Real)
Perhaps your plug-in air freshener has simply run out and you haven't purchased a replacement. You don't have to with this simple air freshener hack. Simply fill the bulb approximately half way with your favorite essential oil. Then fill to the top with water. In just a few minutes, your plug-in is back to filling your air with the scents you love.
5. Hang a tea bag
Tea leaves naturally absorb odor and clean the air. A stinky closet is no match for a few tea bags hung from hooks. You can also slide them in gym bags, stinky tennis shoes and smelly lunch boxes. For a special touch, try mint tea for a fresh scent.
6. Eliminate pet odors (h/t Crafty Little Bee)
Dogs and cats have their own special odors, especially if they have little accidents. This homemade pet odor eliminator is inexpensive and effective. Just mix together 1 part Listerine mouthwash to 2 parts water in a large spray bottle. Spray generously over smelly areas and let dry. There will be no more pet smells with this handy trick!
7. Create your own fabric spray (h/t One Good Thing)
Fabric sprays are great for adding a fresh scent to your furniture, pillows, carpets and curtains. Commercial sprays are available, but who knows what's in them. This homemade fabric spray uses only a few drops of essential oil, a bit of baking soda and water. Just give it a good mix and spray wherever you need a bit of inspiration.
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