Grab some tomatoes from the market and whip up these 5 tomato dishes that have a Southern twist

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There's nothing like the rich taste of juicy tomato in the summertime or at any time of the year, actually. Pair the taste of tomatoes with the tastes from the South, and you will be left with some downright delicious and tasty meals.
Take a look at the following recipe ideas and then tell me you don't want to go to the market and buy some plump and ripe tomatoes.
Southern tomato slab pie
Somewhere between a deep-dish pizza and a pie lies this Southern classic. Tomato slab pie is the perfect way to serve up seasonal summer tomatoes with a creamy, cheesy filling. The recipe below is simpler than some. A buttery cracker crust stands in for a more persnickety pie crust for a dish that's as easy to make as it is to enjoy.
Southern tomato gravy
Tomato gravy is a wonderful way to dress up a simple meal of biscuits or rice. A combination of fresh tomatoes, bacon and a touch of cream makes the recipe below the ideal comfort food recipe.
Southern tomato pie
This isn't a classic tomato pizza. Tomato pie is steeped in the tradition of Southern cooks making the most of their tomato harvest with ingredients they had in the pantry. It'll turn out buttery, juicy, tangy and crisp – and you'll love it.
Southern tomato salad
When most people say tomato salad, they immediately think of the Caprese salad. Full of basil, fresh mozzarella and sliced tomatoes, it's on almost every restaurant menu from June to September when tomatoes come into season. But there's another salad that showcases the natural beauty of tomatoes. The recipe below is so light and fresh, you won't miss the mozzarella at all.
Southern stewed tomatoes
Stewed tomatoes might be one of the simplest side dishes. At its basic, it's just a can of whole tomatoes simmered with sugar and white bread to thicken. Somehow, this simple dish is one of my top comfort food side dishes. I couldn't tell you why the recipe below is so much better than other canned tomato dishes, but it definitely is.
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