8 scrumptious Southern buttermilk pie recipes you won't be able to resist

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If you've never heard of buttermilk pie then you are missing out! This particular pie is quite possibly the best kept secret of the South. It's made with basic ingredients, but don't let that fool you. This versatile pie is absolutely delicious.
This pie deserves a place at the table. If you want a simple recipe that yields incredible flavor then this is the perfect dessert for you. Plus, you can add just about any type of topping that you choose! Serve this up to your family tonight to see how quickly it becomes a family tradition.
1. Buttermilk pie (h/t Food Wishes)
Check out how easy this pie is! If you've never tried a buttermilk pie recipe then this is a fine place to start. You won't be able to resist the creamy center.
2. Lemon buttermilk pie with blueberries (h/t About a Mom)
Dress up a timeless dish with a few special extras! This is the kind of dessert that brings everybody around the table.
3. Chocolate buttermilk pie (h/t Just a Pinch)
Chocolate lovers will appreciate this one! Buttermilk pie can easily be transformed into a chocolate lovers dream just by adding a bit of cocoa powder to the regular recipe.
4. Southern style buttermilk slab pie (h/t Foodness Gracious)
If you need a little extra to go around, try out this version of buttermilk pie. This slab pie offers more pieces that are perfect for a party.
5. Maple buttermilk pie (h/t 101 Cookbooks)
Buttermilk pie is quite tasty, but add in some maple to the mix and you have a scrumptious dessert that nobody can deny. The creamy goodness of this dessert will keep people coming back for more.
6. Key lime buttermilk pie (h/t Taste and See)
Key lime brings a refreshing flavor to this Southern classic pie. The tangy, creamy center makes for a light dessert that couples nicely with any meal.
7. Raspberry buttermilk pie (h/t PBS)
If you want to impress your guests, then serve up this scrumptious pie! It's all the things you love about regular buttermilk pie with peek-a-boo pops of raspberry throughout. Absolutely irresistible!
8. Chocolate caramel buttermilk pie (h/t Pastry Chef Online)
This rich, creamy pie is exactly what you are looking for. The caramel and chocolate flavor combined with the buttery crust is what makes this pie a real winner.
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