9 vegetarian recipes for anyone that loves sweet potatoes

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Packed full of vitamins and with a taste that's close to irresistible, sweet potatoes sure are a perennial favorite. Roasted, pureed or turned into fries, these delicious tubers are a popular cornerstone of a meat-free diet.
Sweet potatoes lend themselves to lots of different types of dishes as well, and enjoy being cosseted under a blanket of creamy sauce, spiced up in a curry or simply roasted and dotted with black pepper and butter! Check out these fantastic recipes for some new inspiration!
1. Oven-baked masala sweet potato chips (h/t Veganlovlie)
How cool are these? Ring the changes next time you have movie night or get snacks in for the big game and serve up these crunchy, spicy treats! A cool yoghurt dip would be great alongside as well!
2. Crispy sweet potato fries (h/t Cookie and Kate)
The whole family will love these crunchy fries. But here's the thing; they're oven baked and not fried, so you can all enjoy a guilt-free treat!
3. Chilli roast sweet potato sandwich (h/t Naturally Ella)
There are so many awesome flavors and textures going on inside this fabulous sandwich! As well as the sweet potato, there are spices, zesty lemon, salty feta and the fresh, green taste of baby spinach and cilantro. A seriously great sandwich, in other words!
4. Black bean chili-stuffed sweet potatoes (h/t Ambitious Kitchen)
Such good cold weather food, this. Roasted sweet potatoes loaded with spiced black bean chili, cilantro, avocado and sour cream. Kick off your shoes and dig in!
5. Twice-baked sweet potatoes (h/t Forks Over Knives)
This is a lovely take on roasted sweet potatoes, with aromatic Indian spicing, chick peas and cashews nuts piled into the potato halves. You can always dial up the heat with some dried or fresh chilies if you like!
6. Leek and sweet rosemary soup
Do you love potato leek soup? Do you sometimes wish it could be a little healthier? If so, turn to this recipe that calls for sweet potatoes. It's incredibly tasty and filled with goodness, and you won't feel as though you've totally destroyed your caloric intake for the day. Get the full recipe here.
7. Oven roasted teriyaki-glazed sweet potatoes (h/t Yup..It's Vegan)
This recipe is fantastic and shows just how easy and tasty vegan food can be. Cubes of sweet potato are roasted in a sticky glaze of teryaki sauce for a Chinese-style feast that you'll make again and again!
8. Sweet potato and black bean burger (h/t Minimalist Baker)
Seriously, how fabulous do these burgers look? These fabulous patties punch well above their weight with smoked paprika, chipotle powder, walnuts and salty black beans ticking all the flavor boxes. The kids will love them!
9. Sweet potato ice cream (h/t The Spruce)
When you think about it, it's logical that sweet potatoes makes amazing ice cream! Deliciously smooth when cooked and packed with natural sugars that caramelize so beautifully; all it takes is some heavy cream, egg yolks, brown sugar and light aromatic spices to create a truly unforgettable dessert.
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