Have a taste of the South when you whip up one of these 7 tasty sweet potato pies

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Nothing compares to Southern sweet potato pies. They are hands-down the absolute tastiest treat you could possibly put on your table. Whether you're hosting a holiday get-together or simply want an after-dinner dessert, sweet potato pie is the answer.
If you're ready to serve up a slice of a your own delicious sweet potato pie, we can point you in the right direction. Here are some of the best recipes the internet has to offer. We know you'll absolutely love these!
1. Old-fashioned Southern sweet potato pie (h/t Meso Making It)
You simply can't go wrong with this classic dish. It's filled with all the scrumptious flavors you love most, but is easy enough to make that even a first-timer will succeed. Enjoy it yourself or serve it up at your next potluck. Either way, this pie is an instant hit.
2. Brown sugar sweet potato pie (h/t Sally's Baking Addiction)
This exceptional recipe lets you have sweet potato along with giving you the flavor of cinnamon and brown sugar. Grab your slice fast because this won't last long.
3. The world's best sweet potato pie (h/t Worthing Court)
This rich dish is sure to hit the spot. Not only does it have all the traditional flavors of a delicious sweet potato pie, but it's topped with pecans to add a little something special. Nobody will be able to resist this.
4. Mini sweet potato pies (h/t Buzzfeed)
This smaller take on a timeless favorite is just the type of dessert your family needs. It's the perfect portion size, and everybody will enjoy the adorable mini pies no matter what the occasion happens to be.
5. Sweet potato chess pie (h/t Wine and Glue)
This amazingly rich pie is a mouth-watering treat in any season. It's filled with luscious flavors of the fall that keep stomachs full and hearts happy.
6. Purple sweet potato pie (h/t Pretty Pies)
Bring a splash of color to your table with this fun, vibrant and ever-so-tasty pie. It's just the type of novelty that will leave your guests absolutely speechless.
7. Sweet potato pie (h/t Adventures of Mel)
You simply won't be able to get enough of this tried and true recipe. The basic ingredients and tantalizing flavor makes this an instant favorite. Top it with your favorite whipped cream, and you'll be in heaven!
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