7 old-fashioned goulash recipes that you need to try

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Goulash is one of those dishes that never fails to satisfy. The traditional, meaty Hungarian dish is rich with spices, with sweet paprika as a key flavor; while the American version is a glorious and nourishing combination of meat, vegetables and pasta.
Most of these recipes are straightforward to assemble and can be left to blip away until everything tastes absolutely irresistible. Any leftovers make a fabulous lunch the next day!
1. Old-fashioned goulash (h/t I Heart Recipes)
This video should come with a warning that you will be left seriously craving a bowl of that delicious goulash! Brilliant instructions and the kind of family-friendly recipe that you'll make again and again.
2. Traditional Hungarian goulash (h/t The Daring Gourmet)
This recipe is an homage to the Hungarian version of goulash; rich with sweet paprika and deep, meaty flavors. With the potatoes and vegetables cooked right there in the gravy, you don't need any accompaniment, but a slice or two of decent bread wouldn't go amiss to mop up that fabulous sauce.
3. Grandma's goulash (h/t Six Sisters' Stuff)
The kids will love this one! The sauce is rich with soy and sweetened with sugar, while bell peppers, onion and beef (or turkey) cook away alongside elbow pasta for a one-pot delight! Don't forget to grate some cheese to sprinkle on top!
4. Italian-style goulash beef stew (h/t The Spruce)
This not-quite-famous Italian goulash deserves to be better known! A meaty, red wine sauce is enriched with butter, paprika and lemon juice for a sensational dish that's perfect served up with creamy polenta. Make this and impress at your next dinner party!
5. All-American skillet goulash (h/t Mr Food)
This easy-peasy goulash uses a jar of marinara sauce for super-fast results. It might taste as though you've been laboring over it for a couple of hours, but you can have this fabulous feast on the table 30 minutes after you walk through the door!
6. One pot creamy American goulash (h/t Cookpad)
If you crave cheesy, creamy comfort food then make this! Heavy cream and shredded cheese make this goulash truly delicious and perfect to curl up with on a cold night!
7. Ground meat goulash with macaroni (h/t Rachel Ray)
With three types of meat (using just one will still give excellent results), spices, sour cream and fresh herbs, this goulash is something a bit special. The crunchy cornichon and radish garnish is a brilliant contrasting touch.
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This recipe combines the spicy flavors of the South with the classic cheese sauce of macaroni and cheese. Add some shredded chicken and bacon and you have a great dish!
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