7 vegetarian recipes that you'll love if you love Thai food

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Thai food is so popular, and little wonder...the combination of hot, spicy, sweet and aromatic is addictive! It's also perfect for vegetarians as Thai cuisine features lots of vegetables and frequently tofu instead of meat.
Thai dishes tend to be brightly colored and quick to prepare, making them a feast for the eyes and perfect for nights when you need something delicious, fast. One thing for vegetarians to note; many Thai recipes include fish sauce, so be sure to use a veggie-friendly alternative!
1. Pickled Thai chilies (h/t Vegan Acres)
In many - if not most - Thai households, pickled chilies are a stock condiment. This video gives a clear and easy method to making your own, leaving you free to enjoy your pickles with curry, cheese, vegetables, rice...and anything else that you fancy trying them with!
2. Thai-style lettuce wraps (h/t Cookie and Kate)
If you haven't tried a spicy, moreish filling inside a crisp lettuce leaf, then you are in for a treat! There are some fabulous flavors here: tamari, ginger, pecans...all balanced perfectly with the crunch of lettuce.
3. Rainbow vegetarian pad Thai with peanuts and basil (h/t Pinch of Yum)
Pad Thai is one of the most popular Thai dishes, with vegetables, noodles, egg and crunchy peanuts, all dressed with that distinctive sweet/soy sauce. This recipe is super-easy and the results will wow you!
4. Vegetarian Thai soup (h/t Cilantro and Citronella)
This soup really captures the essence of Thai cooking in one glorious bowl of broth. Soy, tamari, spices, herbs, palm sugar and coconut milk are key flavors, with lime juice and sesame seeds providing perfect balance. Healthy and incredibly tasty - this is a fabulous dish to make your own.
5. Vegetarian and vegan satay (h/t The Spruce)
Satay sauce is irresistible, and now vegans can get in on the sweet and sticky action! Marinaded mock-chicken or tofu is grilled to a slight char and enjoyed with more of that sweetly spicy sauce!
6. Red Thai satay tofu (h/t Amuse Your Bouche)
More satay tofu here, but this time with a red curry and peanut paste that packs some heat and tons of fabulous flavor. Add your favorite veggies for a healthy, delicious Thai treat!
7. Vegan red Thai coconut curry (h/t Lauren Caris Cooks)
This is the kind of food that restores and rebalances. Packed with classic Thai flavors, plenty of veggies such as broccoli and beans as well as tofu for protein; this fabulous curry will warm and satisfy as it calms and comforts!
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