If you like corn, you'll love these 7 Southern corn casserole recipes

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Many will testify that Southern-style cooking is among the very best. What's more, healthy, naturally sweet corn is a popular ingredient in lots of Southern dishes. If you haven't tried corn casserole before, then boy, are you in for a treat!
Brilliant for bbq, potlucks and parties, as well as a comforting supper dish at home with the family, corn casserole is easy to master and make your own.
1. Tex Mex corn casserole (h/t I Heart Recipes)
This great video takes you step-by=step through making the perfect Tex Mex corn casserole to get the classic Southern recipe under your belt! And how healthy and tasty does that rainbow of veggies look?
2. Make-ahead corn casserole (h/t Southern Living)
This simple and minimum-fuss version of the Southern favorite is a great one to master! Perfect if you're stuck for time but still need to make something super-tasty; you could try switching out half the sour cream for a handful of shredded cheese if you like!
3. Mexican street corn casserole
If you've never had Mexican street corn, you need to stop what you're doing right now and go make some. Traditionally, this dish is created by grilling ears of corn before slathering them with mayonnaise and spices and then rolling them in cheese. However, let's face it. That can be a lot of work. Make it easier on yourself by taking all of those ingredients and piling them into a casserole dish. Get the recipe here.
4. Sweet corn spoonbread (h/t Southern Bite)
Make the kids (and the adults!) happy with this simple, scrummy version of Southern corn casserole. The kids can even help to make it! Simply stir everything together, pour and bake for casserole perfection.
5. Corn casserole with cheese and bacon (h/t South Your Mouth)
Nothing bad ever came from putting cheese and bacon together, and this is no exception. With corn, chives, butter and a little cayenne, this is a real crowd-pleaser!
6. Easy spicy southern corn casserole (h/t Grits and Pinecones)
This corn casserole has the best of everything: jalapenos, bacon, fresh ears of corn and cream cheese. Let's face it, with an ingredients line-up like that, you just know it's gonna taste pretty darn good!
7. Cheesy spaghetti corn casserole (h/t Genius Kitchen)
We might unofficially rename this Comfort Corn Casserole, because that's exactly what it does. Baking spaghetti in with the corn and cheese is a smart move and results in the kind of dish that makes the world seem like a better place!
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