10+ genius tips to get your home looking like new

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No matter how often you clean your house, there are always areas that end up being neglected. Some are too out of the way and easy to forget, whereas others just take too much time and effort. But it doesn't have to be that way.
Spring cleaning shouldn't be something you dread. Instead, try incorporating a few of these tips into your cleaning routine. It will make the job easier and you'll end up with a little more free time in the end.
Toilet siphons (h/t Lil' Luna)
You probably clean your toilet regularly, but how often do you clean the toilet siphons? Trust me; it's time. Watch how to do it with a little help from duct tape with the video below.
Clean a dirty toilet with WD-40
WD-40 can do more than lubricate metal parts. Watch the video below to learn how this household item can clean a dirty toilet.
Clean your toilet with baking soda
If WD-40 isn't your style, try the following homemade solution in the video instead. It relies on baking soda.
Clean yellowed pillows
Although most people wash their pillowcases often enough, how many times have you washed yours? It's pretty easy because you can just put it into the washing machine, so don't hesitate to try it. Be sure to run the pillows through an extra rinse cycle.
Clean bathtub grime
If your tub is suffering from grime, instead of buying expensive store products, try the solution in the video below. It uses only nail polish remover and a kitchen sponge.
Brooms (h/t The Krazy Coupon Lady)
Brooms and dustpans can get really gross after a few uses, but most people just stick them back in the closet until they're needed again. Doing this, however, just spreads dirt and germs. Next time you finish sweeping, clean the broom using the method demonstrated in the video below instead.
Whiten tile grout
Dirty tile grout can make floors look even dirtier than they are. The video below shows how to whiten tile grout so floors sparkle.
Fix a slow drain
Got a slow drain? Don't worry. Try the homemade baking-soda based remedy as demonstrated in the video below to resolve it.
Glass cooktop (h/t Behind the Studio)
Because you can't remove the burners from a glass cooktop, it requires a different method of cleaning even when using the same ingredients. Try the technique below to get the cooktop clean as new.
Cloth couches (h/t PopSugar)
With the exception of those made from leather, most couches can be cleaned the same way. Try the method below to rid your couch of stains and have it looking more like it did when it was new.
Area rugs (h/t Homemaking Simplified)
Many people have their area rugs professionally cleaned, but the cost of that can quickly add up. Next time you notice a stain or two on a rug, try the method demonstrated in the video below.
Dust blinds in a pinch
It's not easy dusting blinds, especially those with lots of slats. The technique in the video below incorporates kitchen tongs to make the process easier.
Porcelain sink
Different types of sinks require different types of cleaning. Follow along the video below to see one of these methods that uses baking soda and hydrogen peroxide to do the heavy lifting.
Electric stove burners
If you can remove the electric burners from your stove, then you can clean them. Save money and follow the homemade recipe described in the video below.
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