Whip out those eggs. 7+ low carb breakfast ideas you'll love

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The health benefits of a low-carb breakfast go beyond just the waistline. According to New Scientist, researchers have discovered that eating more protein and fewer carbs at the start of your day can make you a more tolerant person.
Whether you're trying to lose weight, improve your diet or change your attitude, eating the same egg scramble every morning is a drag. Check out these ideas instead.
Low-carb breakfast egg wrap
Did you know that you can use eggs as the wrap for your favorite sandwich? It's so easy to make these wraps you'll be saying so long to tortillas and goodbye to bread before you know it.
Low-carb breakfast muffins
Make breakfast for the whole week with a super easy, low-carb recipe (just 50 cal per serving).
Low-carb, no-egg breakfast bake
This savory breakfast is a great option when you just want something other than eggs without too many carbs.
Low-carb breakfast burrito
Did you know this all-time breakfast favorite could be low in carbs? Begin with egg and milk.
Cream cheese pancakes
If you're aching for a classic breakfast dish, this low-carb substitute might just hit the spot.
Salmon and avocado boats
Skip the carbs in favor of some healthy saturated fat and Omega 6s.
Crispy prosciutto and scallion frittata
This breakfast is perfect for the weekend when you have a little bit more time to prep.
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This low-carb play on fried rice features cauliflower, coconut milk and a touch of spice.
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Peanut butter is a staple food in most households. This is good news for low carb foodies because peanut butter is actually not a dietary restriction.
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This is going to be your new favorite low-carb salad. I just know it.
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If you have the time to let your crock pot cook in advance then all you need to do is add your frozen chicken, a few ingredients and then let the whole thing sit.
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You only need a few ingredients to make this insanely delicious post-dinner treat, packed with candied pecans and tart Granny Smith apple.
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Hard-boiled eggs seem to be a fast and easy dish with limited cleanup, but peeling eggs in a clean manner sometimes blows that theory.
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