7 vegan dipping sauces that are so tasty your guests will come back again and again

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Potato and corn chips need dipping sauce. Appetizers need dipping sauce. People need dipping sauce. Let's face it, a bbq isn't quite right without at least two or three of them and movie night with no dips? Forgeddaboutit. Reschedule for a night that you have dips.
Happily, there are lots of awesome options for dip-lovin' vegans covering all the sweet, salty, creamy and spicy flavors you need. In fact number one has an amazing seven speedy-yet-sensational dips in one video!
1. 7 vegan dipping sauces (h/t Anarchist Kitchen)
We have so much love for this video. Watch it, then rustle up 7 awesome and tasty dips for your friends and family with so little effort that it seems crazy how the results are so, so good!
2. Roasted carrot and dill hummus (h/t Oh She Glows)
This recipe is perfect for kids, as the sweet flavor of the roasted carrots is just so darn good! Play around with the quantities of oil, garlic, lemon juice and dill to get exactly the right taste for your family!
3. Beet, fennel and lime pate (h/t One Green Planet)
We're crazy about this combination of flavors and the brilliant color of this dip/spread/pate/whatever. The lime, beet and fennel makes a bright and cheery combination, while the seeds, nuts and oil gives rich dip-ability!
4. Coconut lime dipping sauce (h/t The Edgy Veg)
Lime crops up again here, but with very different flavors - creamy coconut, aromatic cilantro and sweet agave syrup. It's absolutely mouthwatering with French fries, corn chips or falafels!
5. Mexican 7-layer dip (h/t Minimalist Baker)
Wow wow wow...look at this! Seriously, look at those layers of refried beans, guacamole, pico de gallo, cheese spread...it only just stops short of being an entire meal in a bowl! This 7-layer beauty will make your next movie night extra special!
6. Summer rolls with dipping sauce two ways (h/t Lauren Caris Cooks)
Do make the delicate and delicious summer rolls if you get chance, but definitely make the dips! The zingy, sweet mango sauce is pretty incredible and the creamy, rich peanut sauce is the perfect partner. The whole thing makes a really special appetizer for a dinner party - just be ready to share the recipe, as everyone will ask you for it!
7. Chili cheese dip (h/t Delish Knowledge)
This meat-and-dairy-free cheese dip is so ridiculously good, you might find yourself needing to make more of it before your guests arrive! Not that it would matter, as this big-flavored dip can be whipped up inside 25 minutes.
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