6 Texas style beef brisket recipes that are beyond delicious

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Brisket is one of the best Southern dishes that could ever grace your table. It's juicy, flavorful, and totally satisfying. You just can't go wrong if you serve up a delicious cut of beef brisket at your next gathering.
Fortunately, there many ways you can enjoy a beef brisket. Whether you prefer savory or even a little spicy, there's a recipe to suit your preferences. Check out these amazing Texas-style beef briskets that are absolutely irresistible.
1. Texas-style beef brisket (h/t allthingsbbq)
This recipe shows you everything you need to do to prepare the best brisket possible. Everything from trimming the fat to proper seasoning is explained to make the most of this dish.
2. Slow-cooker Texas style brisket (h/t Everyday Good Thinking)
To get that really tender, fall-to-pieces texture you should cook your brisket in a slow cooker. The cook time is a little longer, but the results are well worth the wait.
3. Smoked beef brisket (h/t Lady Behind the Curtain)
If you have access to a smoker then this recipe is a must! Don't forget to marinate your brisket for 8-24 hours to get the best flavor possible.
4. Brisket and onions
In this recipe, you sear a beautiful cut of brisket before adding lightly caramelized onions and beef stock to create a dinner so satisfying, you'll find yourself preparing it time and time again. Get the full recipe here.
5. Braised beef brisket (h/t Southern Kitchen)
You won't be able to get enough of this mouth-watering braised beef brisket recipe! The Cajun seasoning is really what makes this particular dish stand out from the crowd.
6. Smothered beef brisket (h/t Syrup & Biscuits)
This smothered beef brisket has flavor out of this world! The barbecue-like sauce is exactly what you need to get the full effect of this delicious cut of meat.
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