7 nacho recipes that are the ultimate in comfort food

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Every once in a while, it's totally fine to indulge in your favorite comfort food. What's better than a yummy plateful of nachos? Nothing, if you ask me! If you're ready to smack your lips and lick your fingers then it's time to serve up a tasty dish of nachos for everybody to enjoy.
Check out the many ways you can customize nachos to suit your cravings. The options are virtually limitless. Here are seven recipes that can give you all the inspiration that you need. Enjoy!
1. Loaded nachos recipe (h/t Laura in the Kitchen)
The best thing about loaded nachos is that there's a little bit of everything thrown in! Why choose your favorite toppings when you can have it all?
2. Easy nachos recipe (h/t Love from the Oven)
Simplify your life with this easy nachos recipe. It has all the basics that you need and can be baked up in just a few minutes.
3. Mexican street corn nachos (h/t Closet Cooking)
This nachos recipe is loaded with flavors! This dish is tasty anytime, but definitely makes a great game day food as well.
4. Pulled pork nachos (h/t Family Fresh Meals)
If you're looking for something other than ordinary beef then give pulled pork a shot! This dish is half nachos half barbecue and totally scrumptious.
5. Loaded BBQ chicken nachos (h/t Tasty)
No party is complete without a big plate of nachos! Serve this up to your guests and see how happy it makes them.
6. Irish pub nachos (h/t 4 Sons R Us)
Treat yourself to this incredible Irish dish! Instead of chips the base of this recipe is perfectly cooked potatoes. This rendition is definitely worth a try.
7. Spicy black bean nachos (h/t Mexican Please)
Turn up the heat with this spicy dish! There's so much yum in each and every bite.
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