6 tips and tricks to hide those pesky cords

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Cords have become an essential part of life. Even wireless technology requires charging cords and convenient plug-in access. From mobile devices and cell phones to our permanent electronics, cord clutter creates a design challenge in almost every room.
You don't have to unplug, wrap and hide your cords away in a drawer. These creative ideas show you how to streamline your cords and hide them from view while keeping them easily accessible.
1. Grab a cord clip (h/t Two Twenty One)
Cell phone cords next to a bed-side table look messy. Not only that, they also fall on the floor, leaving you digging around to find them. Keep them neatly tucked away and easy to find with a simple cord clip. Available online and through department stores, the Command version will not damage walls or furniture. You simply place them wherever you need them to guide your cords.
2. Disguise the cords with a bit of fabric (h/t In My Own Style)
Most electronics cords are black, which makes them hard to blend in with your decor. For example, your television cord may really stand out - especially if the plug is not close by. You can hide this cord with just a bit of fabric. Choose a fabric color that blends in with your wall or trim color. Double stick tape and adhesive Velcro turns this into a no-sew project. Simply create a tube from the fabric to encase your cords.
3. Hide it in plain site (h/t The Vow)
This creative idea doesn't hide your cord, it makes it a decorative element for your room. Simply tie and wrap jute rope around the cord. This creates a rustic and unique look. Consider using colorful yarn or ribbon for a more modern design.
4. Use a cord conduit (h/t 11 Magnolia Lane)
Wall sconces and television cords often hang down to an outlet, looking messy against your wall. Hide these cords in an inexpensive item from the home improvement store known as cord conduit or a low-voltage cord cover. The cord simply slips into this cut-to-fit product. Double stick tape secures it to the wall. You can even paint it to fit your custom wall colors.
5. Strategic placement of books (h/t Wrapped in Rust)
You don't have to purchase a single thing to hide cords with this tip. Simply place books or other items so that you no longer see the cord running along your mantle or table. Tall vases with flowers, stacks of books and other decor items can be used in creative ways to hide your cords.
6. Tuck appliance cords out of the way (h/t Dimplicity)
Command cord bundlers create an easy way to wrap up appliance cords and keep them from cluttering up your counters. If you can't find this creative product in your local store, you can create your own by placing two hooks on the back of your appliance and wrapping the cord around the hooks. Tuck the plug through your wraps to hold it in place.
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