5+ Southern dishes that are loaded with chicken and taste delicious

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Chicken is a staple in the South, whether you are making Southern fried chicken, chicken and waffles or just throwing some chicken on the grill with some Southern-style barbecue sauce. There's no doubt about it: Southern-style dishes made with chicken are where it's at.
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Extra-crispy Southern fried chicken
Here's a technique for getting the perfect crisp on fried chicken. The key is in the seasoning. This version uses a combination of garlic powder, salt, pepper and paprika – with some fresh sage and thyme. If you're feeling lazy, you can use a mix of dried herbs instead.
Southern-style chicken and waffles
There are very few things in life better than Southern-style chicken and waffles. First of all, it's a texture thing. The waffles are soft on the inside and crunchy on the outside, just like a good piece of fried chicken. Then there are all the flavors. The waffles soak up all the sweetness from the maple syrup, which presents a stark contrast to the super-savory flavors of the fried chicken. The recipe below perfectly represents all of that, and it's not too difficult to make, either.
Southern chicken pot pie
Chicken pot pie is definitely a go-to Southern dish, whether it's for a potluck or a weekday dinner. What if we told you, however, that this delicious meal of flaky goodness can be made even easier? An alternative is to transform the dish into mini pies with a few simple ingredients.
Southern Cajun chicken mac and cheese
Cajun seasoning is great because it goes with just about anything. From Cajun-flavored chowder to macaroni and cheese, this seasoning blend works with almost any dish! All you need to do to spice up favorite dishes is throw in a few teaspoons. Be wary, though, because some Cajun seasoning is pretty spicy. It might be wise to give the recipe below a test run before serving it for a dinner party.
Southern queso smothered chicken skillet
Did you grow up eating smothered chicken? It really doesn't get much better than tender and juicy chicken, swimming in a savory gravy. One thing that can make it better is to turn that gravy into cheesy queso sauce. The recipe below is a cheesy version of the Southern classic, but the chicken is just as juicy as the original because it still cooks in the queso gravy sauce. The other wonderful thing about this dish? It's a one-pot meal, so cleanup is kept to a minimum.
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