Fry up four Italian sausages for a scrumptious dinner you're sure to enjoy

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So many different varieties and flavors of sausages exist. Choosing a flavorful sausage is the key to success with any dish featuring sausage. Italian sausage, for example, usually comes in sweet or spicy varieties. Which one do you prefer?
Ask yourself that question and then check out these sausage recipes. You can switch the sausages used in the recipes or stick with what is listed. Just make sure you pick the one your family will like best to ensure dinner is a hit.
1. One-pan Italian sausage and vegetables
Skillet meals are always a welcome addition to dinnertime routine. With the recipe below, there's just one pan to wash when dinner is over. And even better – it's easy to vary it according to the seasons and what your family likes. You can serve it on its own or over pasta or rice.
2. Sausage-stuffed portabello mushrooms
Portabello mushroom caps are the perfect vessel for stuffings. In the recipe below, sausage crumbles mix with cheese and a few veggies for a delicious stuffing that's filling and flavorful. In addition, this dish couldn't be easier to prepare.
3. Italian sausage tortellini
Tortellini is an appropriate dish to make when you need something hot and delicious on the table in no time flat. Tortellini from the refrigerated section of a supermarket is quicker to cook than normal pasta. With the recipe below, dinner will be ready in the time it takes those little bundles of pasta to float to the surface of the water.
4. Italian sausage rigatoni
Knowing how to make baked pastas is a wonderful skill to have up your sleeve for easy weeknight meals. Everything goes into one pan and into the oven for 30 minutes, and dinner is done. This recipe, which features two kinds of Italian sausage and lots of gooey cheese, is a delicious contender.
5. Gnocchi with Italian sausage
Gnocchi can be kind of fastidious to make, which is why it's lucky so many wonderful brands exist that allow you to have these pillows of potato pasta ready at home in mere minutes. In the recipe below, toss your favorite brand of gnocchi with a rich sausage ragu. A hearty dinner will be on the table in no time.
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