Top low-carb mug cake recipes

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Eating dessert is a double-edged sword. The taste of gooey sweetness on the tongue and throat brings a surprising amount of pleasure. But the "moment on the lips, forever on the hips" guilt feels equally as bad. Fortunately, a few crafty bakers have developed guilt-free mug cakes.
Each recipe below contains 10 grams or fewer of carbs and uses alternative flours and oils to keep the nutrient content a little higher.
Low-carb cinnamon roll mug cake
Sticky and sweet cinnamon rolls make a decadent breakfast or brunch—well worth getting out of bed for. This mug cake recipe delivers all of that sweet, cinnamon-y goodness, but in a single-serving cake that is low carb! Now you can have your decadent breakfast, guilt-free.
Low-carb banana bread mug cake
Sometimes a banana bread craving hits, and you just have to have it right now. A banana-enriched mug cake is the perfect solution. Mug cakes can be made in a single-serving size and mixed, cooked, and served in a single coffee mug. Plus they take less than 5 minutes to prepare. The low-carb video below is one of my favorites.
Low-carb cinnamon pecan mug cake
What smells better first thing in the morning than a coffee cake right out of the oven? The video below takes less than five minutes to make; can be mixed, cooked, and eaten in a single coffee mug; and, maybe best of all, is low-carb! Fast, easy, delicious low-carb cinnamon pecan cake is something that’s definitely worth getting out of bed for.
Low-carb carrot cake mug cake
Single-serving mug cakes may be the best things ever to come out of a microwave. They can be mixed, cooked, and served all in one coffee mug and take less than two minutes to cook. Perhaps best of all, you can even make them low-carb and outrageously delicious. The video below is one of my personal favorites.
Low-carb chocolate raspberry mug cake
Mug cakes are the perfect thing when you’re craving cake, but can’t be bothered to bake a whole one. They’re easy to mix up, dirty just the one dish, and, perhaps best of all, take just a minute or two to cook in the microwave. The video below is my favorite low-carb cake-for-one.​
Low-carb keto lemon blueberry mug cake
This bright, lemony mug cake is surprisingly keto-friendly, thanks to a few little tweaks. The video below uses a blend of almond flour and coconut flour for a delicious mug cake bursting with fresh blueberries.
One-minute low-carb gingerbread mug cake
When you've got a hankering for something sweet but don't want to make a full batch of cookies, mug cakes are the perfect solution. The recipe that follows is bursting with warm winter spices such as ginger, cinnamon and cloves – plus it uses a low-carb sweetener to make it a nearly guiltless pleasure.
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