5+ pasta bake casseroles that will make dinner time so much easier

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Some nights, I have a pretty clear vision of what I want for dinner. I plan everything ahead of time and think about the meal all day long. By the time I get home, all I have to do is throw the ingredients together. Other nights, I can't really decide what I'm in the mood for. Do I want Mexican food or pasta or a casserole? Luckily, these recipes below always satisfy, no matter how indecisive I am.
If you're a fan of a good pasta bake casserole, then these recipes should hit the spot for you, too.
1. Enchilada pasta bake casserole
One of the best things about this recipe is all the leftovers it creates. They're so much better the next day, and you can even eaten them for breakfast (topped with a fried egg, of course). Don't be afraid to double the recipe and make a huge batch. If you happen to have more than you can eat, this dish also freezes exceptionally well.
2. Easy Italian baked pasta casserole
The recipe below couldn't be easier to make. All you need is a few pantry staples, a favorite shape of pasta and some cheese. Just like that, you can whip up a homemade meal that will be ready in about 30 minutes. It's hearty and full of flavor, too, so dinner guests will think you spent all day getting things ready.
3. Cheesy ham and broccoli baked pasta casserole
This recipe for cheesy ham and broccoli baked pasta casserole might sound like down-home good food, but don't let it fool you. You'll be amazed by how elegant it looks when it comes out of the oven. The pinkness of the ham and the bright green broccoli add "pop" against that bed of pasta. In addition, it's baked in a béchamel that takes just minutes to make.
4. Three-cheese chicken penne pasta bake casserole
Tomato sauce is good, and Alfredo sauce can really hit the spot sometimes, but pasta really shines when it's swimming in rose sauce. That's especially true when, as in the recipe below, that rose sauce is created using not cream but cream cheese. That's just one of the three kinds of cheese in this delicious casserole, and each of them brings a little something extra to the party.
5. Baked ziti with Sausage
This baked ziti with Italian sausage casserole is a classic – simple, hearty and so satisfying. Family and friends will ask you to make this, and you should say "Of course." Serve up this wonderful Italian-inspired casserole any time. It makes for a delicious and filling dinner.
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