Layer ham over potatoes in casserole dish. The next layer is glorious

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Nothing brings comfort quite like a casserole, and one of the best ingredients for a casserole is ham. It's so easy to cook with and so tasty, too. It goes well with cheese and potatoes — and so many other foods.
Check out these videos and see if one of these recipes entices you to whip up a ham casserole.
Potato ham au gratin
Tender potatoes layered with bits of ham, a classic bechamel sauce and melted cheese make this comfort food at its finest. Whether you serve this dish as an indulgent side for a holiday dinner or as a main dish casserole, this recipe is sure to win fans.
Ham and cheese croissant breakfast casserole
Ham and cheese on a flaky croissant makes a mighty fine breakfast, but you know what makes an even better one? Turning those ingredients into a savory bread pudding. This easy recipe combines buttery croissants, salty ham and flavorful cheese baked in a rich egg custard for a brunch dish that is pure genius.
Cheese and ham party rolls
This dish may look complicated but in reality it's really quite easy. The reason for this is Pillsbury Pizza Crust. All you do is unroll the dough, layer the ham and cheese, and roll it back up.
Country ham potato bake
I'm a true potato lover. I would happily eat potatoes every day of the week, but sometimes even I get bored of the usual mashed, roasted or baked versions. This simple, rustic ham and potato casserole recipe can reignite a love for potatoes. Serve it as a hearty side, a simple weeknight entree or for breakfast or brunch.
Potato ham and cheese casserole
Sometimes you just need a dish that's 100 percent comfort, and that's what this casserole is. Potatoes are sliced paper-thin before being layered in a casserole dish in between layers of ham and broccoli, all coated in a delicious cheese sauce.
Ham and mushroom lasagna
Everyone knows how successful an expertly made lasagna dinner can be, both for the family and for the wallet. This incredibly economical dish traditionally harnesses simple pasta, tomato sauce, white sauce and beef for a meal that offers the ultimate levels of comfort. The only issue with classic lasagna recipes is that they can contain prep-heavy instructions and leave you with more washing up than you can handle. This recipe is different.
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