Keep it low-carb with these delightful Brussels sprouts recipes

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How to make low-carb Brussels sprouts kabobs
They say that bacon makes everything better, so even if you aren’t a fan of Brussels sprouts, you’ll want to give the recipe below a try. The bacon infuses the sprouts with that delicious smoky, meaty bacon flavor, which is further enhanced by cooking on the grill. Serve it as an appetizer or a hearty cookout side dish. Get the recipe here.
Low-carb skillet roasted Brussels sprouts
More than a handful of people think they can't stand Brussels sprouts, likely because of memories of steamed or boiled ones. But this treatment stops now. In the recipe below, Brussels sprouts are roasted to ing out their natural nutty sweetness. Get the recipe here.
Low-carb bacon and Brussels sprouts gratin
Gratin recipes are one of the most popular recipes online for a reason. They're creamy with heavy cream and cheese both being used in most recipes, and they deliver just as much in tender vegetables as they do in a crunchy top that gives them the needed texture. But with potato gratin being at the top of the list - far above any other - it can be difficult to enjoy these dishes when trying to follow a low-carb diet. But, as in the recipe that follows, you can have your gratin without any of the guilt. Get the recipe here.
Low-carb chicken and Brussels sprouts
The recipe that follows is every healthy eaters dream. Filled with two kinds of meat in the form of chicken and bacon, it packs a protein punch. Although Brussels sprouts are the only vegetable you'll find, they're so hearty and healthy, they'll fill you up from the inside out. Notice there are no carbs? And very little fat? Again, it's a healthy eaters dream. Plus it doesn't take very long to make, either. Get the recipe here.
Low-carb Brussels sprouts casserole
Brussels sprouts are great roasted. They can make a perfect side when simply steamed. They're even good in their simplest preparation, just boiled and tossed with butter. But when you want to do something different with your Brussels sprouts, why not put them in a casserole all their own, as in the recipe that follows? Get the recipe here.
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