5+ things that hairspray can do that you might not know about

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Hairspray has been used for decades to make sure that every strand of your hair stays in place and looks perfect throughout the day. For this reason, most people probably have a can or two in their homes. Hair spray, however, is no longer solely for use on the top of your head.
Whether you're sprucing up laundry, doing a little cleaning or taking care of a fashion emergency, hair spray can help. So even if you don't have a single hair on your head, go out and buy a can of hair spray – it will still come in handy.
1. Remove lint
Even if clothes are clean, lint can make them look like they're still dirty. You can always use a lint roller, but that's time-consuming. Instead, spray hair spray onto a washcloth and rub it across your clothing. The lint will stick to the hairspray and lift easily off of the clothes, leaving them clean and lint-free.
2. Remove ink stains in fabric
Ink stains are almost impossible to completely clean out of fabric, no matter how many times you run it through the washing machine. Next time you find a smear of ink on a favorite shirt, get a can of hair spray. Spray it directly onto the ink and blot with a paper towel until the ink disappears.
3. Keep screws from coming loose
Over time the screws that secure cabinet and drawer handles start coming loose. You can tighten them every time or you can fix the problem once and for all. Remove the screw and spray a thin layer of hair spray on it. When you screw it back into the hole, the hair spray will help keep it in place and prevent the screw from moving.
4. Remove stickers
Have you ever bought a new product and removed the price stickers only to discover they've left behind a gross, sticky residue? Scrubbing over this residue or trying to pick it off likely won't do any good, but hair spray can help. Spray it directly onto the residue and wipe it away with a paper towel. The amount of spray you should use depends on how much sticky residue is involved, so you might have to give it more than one application.
5. Prevent feet from slipping in shoes
Who doesn't love a great pair of high heels? The only downside is the inevitable blisters left on heels after a day of your feet sliding around inside those fantastic shoes. To prevent this, spray a generous amount of hair spray into the backs of your shoes. This will cut down on the slickness, helping your feet to stay in place while you walk around all day.
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