6+ gorgeous blueberry pancake casseroles you won't be able to get enough of

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A sweet, plump blueberry is a sign of summer. These scrumptious berries actually make the perfect ingredient for casseroles. If you're tired of eggs and toast for breakfast, you've come to the right place. Blueberry casseroles are just what the doctor ordered to spice up boring old breakfast.
They're a little bit sweet and a little bit tangy. Even better than their delicious flavor is knowing that these recipes are quick and easy to follow. So grab some fresh blueberries, your casserole dish and get cookin'!
1. Blueberry pancake casserole
Have you ever wanted to serve pancakes to a crowd? It's not easy to do. Cold pancakes are no good, and you want to make sure that everyone gets to eat at the same time. There's an answer for this dilemma. The next time you want to make sure everyone gets to enjoy a hot breakfast together, make the recipe that follows.
2. Blueberry breakfast casserole
There is little that's better than waking up to a breakfast dish that just needs a few minutes in the oven while you sip your first cup of coffee. With the recipe that follows, that's exactly what you get. It's part cheesecake, part bread pudding, and 100 percent deliciousness. And because it all comes together overnight and before that first cup of coffee, there's very little work for you to do. Get the recipe here.
3. Blueberry and cream cheese casserole
Is it breakfast, brunch, or dessert? With this dish that's crunchy like toast, rich like bread pudding, and oh-so-sweet, you may not be able to tell! But when you make the recipe that follows, you'll know one thing for sure. It is truly delicious! It's so pretty, it will make the perfect centerpiece for any table setting. Get the recipe here.
4. Blueberry muffin casserole
How would you feel about a blueberry muffin that you could eat to your heart's content and still have enough to share? When you make the recipe that follows, you get just that! But don't be surprised (and don't feel guilty) if you find you want it all for yourself. It's got the classic taste of a blueberry muffin without having to run out to your favorite breakfast place to get it. Get the recipe here.
5. Blueberry buttermilk pancake casserole
Whether you call it a casserole, a crumble, or a cake, the recipe below is delicious – and ever so pretty when you pull it out of the oven. Juicy blueberries sit atop a fluffy and tender cake that resembles buttermilk pancakes. As those blueberries cook, they release some of their juices so they trickle down into the cake, which is what makes it looks so pretty. The sweet crumble topping gives the entire thing a little bit of texture and extra sweetness. Get the recipe here.
6. Southern blueberry butter cake
If there is one blanket statement you can make about Southern cooking, it's that it doesn’t shy away from flavorful ingredients -- whether they are rich like butter, sweet like sugar, or spicy hot like chili peppers. This recipe combines the first two in a decadent dessert that may just be one of the South’s best-kept culinary secrets.
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