9+ vegetarian recipes full of mushroom and full of flavor

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Mushrooms are a healthy and delicious addition to any meal. Vegetarians especially know how versatile this food can be, but it's always a good idea to seek out new meals to keep things interesting. Whether you want a mild or savory dish, mushrooms can be just what you need to get that perfect taste.
Recipes chalked full of mushrooms are likely the tastiest you've ever tried. They add just a little something extra that slightly enhances the taste to make it absolutely perfect. If you are mushroom lover then these are the meals for you!
1. Vegetarian French dip sandwich
Love French dip sandwiches, but could live without the meat? Simply substitute it with some fresh mushrooms. You won't be disappointed. Get the full recipe here.
2. Mushroom melt
A simple grilled cheese was my favorite meal growing up. I was a pretty picky eater, so anything with melted cheese was a sure fire way to make me happy. My mom started sneaking vegetables into my grilled cheeses. The recipe below reminds me of my mom's sneaky way of getting me to eat my greens! Get the full recipe here.
3. Creamy mushroom risotto
This dish is guaranteed to delight. It has all the creamy goodness you need to go back for seconds. Get the full recipe here.
4. Vegetarian mushroom meatballs
This perfectly moist meal is absolutely incredible. Prepare yourself for an uniquely earthy flavor that will be an instant must-have for your weekly meal plan. Get the full recipe here.
5. Classic stuffed mushrooms
This tried and true side is exactly the crowd pleaser you and your family will love. It's a basic recipe, but doesn't skimp on taste. Get the full recipe here.
6. Creamy garlic herb mushroom spaghetti
If you want a little comfort in your kitchen, this is the next meal to make. It's creamy, rich flavor will bring a smile to your face. Get the full recipe here.
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