Serve up these 8+ hard to resist vegetarian burritos

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A delicious burrito is the perfect way to pack a ton of flavor and veggies into one single dish. The best part about a burrito is that it is easily customizable to include the ingredients you love the most. While they may be traditionally made with meat, make no mistake that burritos are a long-time favorite of vegetarians.
If you're looking for a little inspiration for the best vegetarian burrito recipe, then you've come to the right place. Here are some of the most scrumptious vegetarian burritos that you should put on the menu.
Veggie burrito
This is a delicious way to get your daily veggies! You can make this dish as light or hearty as you prefer, but the same great taste stays the same! It's very easy to put together and makes an excellent dinner option for a busy weekday. Get the full recipe here.
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Spicy egg and potato breakfast burrito
Put a little heat in your breakfast routine with this yummy burrito. The simple ingredients make this an excellent go-to option even for a weekday breakfast plan. Plus, you can easily make them ahead to save yourself even more time in the morning. Get the full recipe here.
Crispy bean and cheese burrito
Take it back to the basics with this tried and true recipe. Beans, cheese, and rice is all you need to make this recipe appear on your dinner table. Get the full recipe here.
Evolved lentil wraps
You are sure to fall in love with the freshness in this recipe! It's a delicious meal that plates nicely making it an easy way to impress at your next gathering. It tastes just as good as it looks. Get the full recipe here.
Vegetarian burrito with mango avocado salsa
If you're looking for some bold flavor, then this is the recipe for you! This is an easy dish to love with the simple deliciousness of a traditional veggie burrito combined with the pop of flavor in mango salsa. Get the full recipe here.
Black bean and sweet potato flautas
Sweet potatoes bring a pop of sweetness that really makes this recipe stand out. If you love the sweet and spicy combo then this is the recipe for you. Get the full recipe here.
Kale and sweet potato burrito
Kale and sweet potato come together to blow your taste buds away! This refreshing dish is just what you need to fuel your body and satisfy your cravings. Get the full recipe here.
Roasted veggie burrito
There's something refreshingly delicious about roasted veggies. This recipe is packed full of your favorites. Plus, it's cost-effective and simple to make. Get the full recipe here.
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