Spear a potato for this delicious vegetarian dish +5 recipes

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It's hard to go wrong with a potato dish. We've found our favorite vegetarian potato recipes and made them. Serve this as a main or side dish.
Broccoli cheddar baked potatoes
You can totally open up a can of broccoli cheese soup, heat it up, and pour it over the potato. No one here will judge you! But, it's much more fun to make the sauce from scratch, as shown in video below.
Potato blossom
Perfectly crispy on the outside, soft and creamy on the inside and just the right amount of spice — the recipe below is something you'll want to make often.
Air fryer baked potatoes
Try this new method with the air fryer:
Lemon herb roasted potatoes
The secret ingredient in this recipe is definitely the lemon zest. It adds a delicious pop of flavor to the potatoes.
Potatoes au gratin
This dish may sound fancy, but watch how easy it is to put together in the slow cooker:
Cheesy potatoes
Sometimes it's best to keep potatoes simple, easy, and delicious.
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