7+ Southern bread pudding recipes that are hard to resist

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Bread pudding is what bread crusts want to be when they get old (like, a day old). It's such a delicious classic and makes a brilliant canvas for experimenting with a few ingredients to add your own twist to. At it's most simple, it's a frugal combination of bread, eggs, milk and sugar. Add a Southern twist and you have a scrumptious and satisfying dessert.
These variations of the classic, old-fashioned dessert are definitely something to try out. The mouth-watering recipes can be served as a simple after-dinner treat or a decadent, restaurant-quality dessert.
Southern banana bread pudding
Despite the name, this isn’t a pudding that tastes like banana bread, but a dessert that takes regular, stale French bread and bananas and turns them into a scrumptious, rum-spiked dessert reminiscent of the famous Southern dish bananas Foster. A dollop of whipped cream is the perfect finishing touch.
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You can substitute white bread, challah or even cinnamon bread for the French bread (if you use cinnamon bread, I recommend leaving out the teaspoon of cinnamon). And, if your bread isn’t already stale, dry it out by spreading the cubes on a baking sheet and toasting in a 300ºF oven for about 15 minutes. Check out this video below.
Bread pudding with bourbon caramel sauce
The rich taste of bourbon will surround your taste buds as you bite into a moist piece of this bread pudding. Make a pan of bread pudding like it's straight from the South.
Old fashioned Southern bread pudding
Bread pudding comes from the need to use up stale old bread but who knew that it would become a dessert favorite? This recipe has classical undertones of this yummy old-fashioned dish.
Southern apple pie bread pudding
What’s better than cinnamon and apples together? That’s easy: cinnamon and apples baked into a rich, custardy bread pudding. The video below will satisfy apple pie lovers, cinnamon bun lovers, and, well, pretty much everyone else, too. It makes a fantastic dessert, as well as a decadent brunch dish.
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I like to use a sweet-tart apple like Granny Smith for this dish, but you can use any type of apple you’d normally use in an apple pie. Add a scoop of rich vanilla ice cream for an extra special touch. And be prepared to be asked to make this one again and again.
Southern strawberries and cream bread pudding
Strawberries cooked in a creamy, rich bread pudding? Yes, please! The recipe below is a novel way to use that flat of strawberries you just couldn’t resist at the farmer’s market. Just like those luscious berries, this dessert is irresistible, and you can enjoy it all season long. It’s a good thing strawberries have a long season — from March or April through August.
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Serve this as a dessert with a dollop of whipped cream or vanilla ice cream on top, or with a dollop of vanilla yogurt for a special brunch. You can use just about any bread you like here—French bread, white sandwich bread, challah or brioche are all great choices. Even better, snatch up those bargain day-old croissants at the bakery and prepare to have your mind blown. See it come together in this video.
Southern vanilla bread pudding
This is the kind of comfort food dessert recipe that gets handed down through generations. It’s made of simple, everyday ingredients—bread, eggs, milk, sugar, butter, etc.—and it is impossible to mess up. So easy, and yet it tastes fantastic. The video below is for a classic version studded with raisins and flavored with vanilla with a rich vanilla sauce to drizzle over the top.
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If you don’t have stale bread, don’t worry--you can use a fresh loaf. Just cut it up into cubes and spread the cubes on a baking sheet. Toast in a 300ºF for about minutes to dry it out. I sometimes like to use cinnamon bread instead of white for variety.
Southern pecan pie bread pudding
Everyone knows that pecan pie and bread pudding are two of the world’s most cravable, comforting desserts, right? The video below turns out something even better than either of them—a dessert that's a cross between the two. It’s easier to make than a pecan pie but still has all the toasted nut, caramel flavor. And it’s got the rich, custardy goodness of the best-ever bread pudding. Get your own! I’m not sharing mine.
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This is especially good made with an eggy challah bread or brioche, but no matter what bread you use, be prepared to swoon. This makes a great dessert any time of year and is especially suited for special occasions—birthdays, Christmas or Thanksgiving.
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