Once you find out what's stuffed in these pasta shells you won't be able to resist this recipe +5 vegetarian recipes

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Pasta is delicious, but sometimes it can seem a bit like some of the same old, same old. You won't have to worry about that happening, however, when preparing the recipes below. They are loaded with delicious ingredients and some interesting ones too, such as zucchini and eggplant. You don't often see these in pasta.
Get the pasta noodles ready. You're going to need them after you see all this deliciousness. Share these mouth-watering recipes with a friend who loves pasta.
1. Easy cheesy ravioli
Ravioli are a cinch to make – if you have a little bit of help. Store-bought wonton wrappers are the secret ingredient in the recipe below. Using these little squares of dough, it's easy to make your own ravioli stuffed with a cheesy filling.
2. Creamy lemon asparagus pasta
When asparagus are in season, it's nearly impossible to eat too much. The recipe below is particularly perfect with skinny early season asparagus. They cook up quickly and are super sweet – the perfect pair with fresh lemon and goat cheese.
3. Eggplant Parmesan pasta
Eggplant Parmesan is an Italian-American classic; this adaptation of the dish, cooked up as a pasta, is just as delicious. The recipe below first requires frying small breaded squares of eggplant. Toss them with freshly cooked pasta and your favorite tomato sauce, and dinner is nearly complete.
4. Stuffed pasta shells
Pasta shells are deceptively easy to get wrong. Many versions of this dish end up tough or overcooked, leaving you wondering why you didn't stick with simple baked ziti. The recipe below will solve all your problems.
5. Zucchini parmesan pasta
As good as this pasta is, the best thing about it might be how quickly it cooks. With no sauce to cook, all you really have to do is boil pasta and add all other ingredients to it. Simple and delicious and vegetarian, too.
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