This bread is about to be stuffed with a filling you won't be able to resist +5 recipes

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Cheese is my all-time favorite guilty pleasure. Most people love chocolate or wine, but give me some cheese and I will be your new BFF. I love to add cheese into my cooking just as much as I like to cut up a brick of cheese and eat it as a snack.
Check out these mouthwatering recipes in videos that show you just how much of a comfort cheese can be. Seriously, there is nothing like a good, ooey, gooey cheese dish.
1. Irish and ale cheese soup
This classic Irish soup is the perfect winter dinner dish. A combination of richly flavored ale and sharp Irish cheddar makes this dish flavorful and leaves people wanting more. Serve it in a bread bowl with a pint on the side, and you'll be in comfort food heaven.
2. Cheesy pull-apart bread
Cheesy pull-apart bread is one of my favorite party appetizers. It's a little bit like monkey bread except it's stuffed with gooey mozzarella cheese. It's buttery, garlicky and ultimately satisfying. Plate it with a side of marinara dipping sauce and you've essentially served up an easier-to-make pizza. All of your guests will be asking for a copy of the recipe below.
3. Poutine
Have you ever had a really good poutine? It features crispy fries that retain their texture, even though they're smothered in savory gravy. Oh and don't forget about the super squeaky cheese curds!.This might seem like one of those dishes you can only get at a restaurant, but it's not true. The recipe below is easy to make at home.
4. Lasagna grilled cheese
Grilled cheese is kind of like the sandwich version of macaroni and cheese. You can make it plain – just bread and cheese – or you can go crazy. Mexican grilled cheese, Italian grilled cheese, California-style grilled cheese. You name it and you can probably make it. The recipe below is a favorite grilled cheese variation because it adds comfort to an already comforting dish.
5. Cheese panini
If you have a panini press, then you should give yourself a round of applause. After all, you're the proud owner of the greatest upgrade to grilled cheese ever invented. Because the panini press weighs down bread as it cooks, the recipe below for cheese panini is crispier and meltier than a standard grilled cheese. The other nice thing about the panini press? Because they're electric, they provide even heating and cook a sandwich in a fraction of the time.
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