Remember to pick up pork chops at the grocery store. 5+ slow cooker pork recipes to die for

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Pork is a staple in our home. We cook it all the time, but I don't know why I hardly ever think to cook it in the slow cooker. It makes meal preparation so easy and even almost effortless.
Check out these videos to see just how easy cooking pork can be. Not only that, but it will make your pork meals so delicious. Plug in that slow cooker, pick up some pork and serve a meal to your family that will be half the effort but double the taste.
1. Slow cooker Dr. Pepper pork
The Dr Pepper pork recipe below is just what the doctor ordered! With only five minutes of prep, all you need to make this delicious pulled pork is a few simple ingredients and a little patience while you let the slow cooker do its job. Serve this sweet and tangy pork shoulder over rice or on a toasted kaiser roll with coleslaw for a delicious pulled pork sandwich.
2. Slow cooker pork roast
Garlic, Dijon mustard and rosemary are three things you probably have in your pantry. These three classic ingredients make this slow-cooked pork roast burst with flavor. As simple as it is, it sure packs a punch. Because it has only two steps (add meat, add seasoning), it's a recipe so simple that even the most novice cook can master it.
3. Slow cooker smothered pork chops
Everyone loves tender, smothered pork chops. Wouldn't it be nice if you could come home after a long day at work and know that they were already cooked? With the recipe below, you can. They're so juicy and tender, you might find you start coming home to this delicious dinner more often. Best of all, there's virtually zero work that comes with this quick and easy meal.
4. Slow cooker Hawaiian pork chops
Everyone could use a taste of the islands once in a while, and the recipe below shows how to make it so you can have Hawaiian pork chops whenever you want. Because you use a slow cooker, there's almost no effort required. Don't think, however, that just because this dish doesn't require a ton of work means it won't have a ton of flavor.
5. Slow cooker brown sugar and garlic pork loin
Lots of ways exist to make pork loin, including some in a slow cooker. But finding a recipe that won't make the pork completely fall apart and that comes with its very own sauce, with no mixing required after the pork has cooked? Those are hard to find. As you'll see in the recipe below, however, that's exactly what you'll get.
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