Forget soups. Try these 4+ hearty slow cooker stews instead

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When you are in the mood for hearty, it's time to hunker down with some hearty stew instead. Those decadent morsels of meat mixed in with flavorful sauce packs a memorable punch with every bite. Now, you can enjoy these stews not just in the wintertime, but whenever you feel like it.
In the list below, you'll find stew recipes that will soon be a family go-to. Most of the recipes below are easy to prep, taking only 10 minutes. From chickpea to chicken to beef, there's a recipe idea for meat lovers and vegetarians. However, if you prefer more soup than stew, you'll need to check out our top hearty soup recipes.
Slow cooker Moroccan chickpea stew
Who says that a great hearty stew needs some kind of meat added to it? The recipe that follows proves that's just not true. It's chock-full of chickpeas and lentils to provide all the protein that's needed. In addition to the protein, it also has a ton of different spices and seasonings that give this dish a different kind of spin than a traditional stew. Get the recipe here.
Slow cooker chicken lentil stew
This chicken and lentil stew is based on a classic Spanish dish. It's scrumptious as written, but you can also make it your own with a bit of curry powder, cayenne, or your favorite spice blend. Warm ginger, pungent garlic, and aromatic paprika create a flavorful sauce without overwhelming. Get the full recipe here.
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Slow cooker beef stew
Beef stew is a classic - and the perfect dish for a cool night. Best yet, this slow cooker recipe is going to make it easier than ever to whip it up whenever your heart desires. The ingredients are household items, and all you're really going to need to get is some fresh beef the day or night before you want to cook this up. Get the full recipe here.
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Slow cooker black bean and beef stew
Like so many good stew recipes, it can be difficult to determine the origin of this recipe. Some call it a Texan dish, while others claim that its roots are farther south, coming from the island of Cuba. Wherever this dish first called home, it's packed with protein and has a ton of vegetables that deliver all the vitamins and minerals a body needs. Get the recipe here.
Slow cooker chunky beef and potato stew
Beef and potato stew is a go-to comfort dish. It's hearty and warm, and is perfect for dinner or lunch any time of year. When this stew is made in the slow cooker, as in the recipe that follows, it makes for a classic dish that doesn't even take a whole lot of effort. Just toss everything in and the stew will thicken as it cooks to perfection. Get the recipe here.
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