Taste the comfort of chili with these easy recipes

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Comfort foods vary wildly from person to person and typically evolve over time. Tater tots may have cured your gloom as a child, but now it takes a pint of premium ice cream to chase away the blues. Some foods that turn frowns upside down, however, last from childhood until you're celebrating triple-digit birthdays. Chili falls into that category.
Perhaps no other comfort food has as many variations as chili. Chili cook-offs prove that point with recipes using all types of meat, no meat at all, multiple varieties of beans, no beans at all, chopped tomatoes, tomato sauce, hot chili peppers, no peppers, cinnamon, chocolate, beer and wine — the ingredient list seems endless. Regardless of your preferences, one or all of these chili recipes will warm your heart and soothe your soul.
How to make classic chili
Beef lovers rejoice: This classic chili has both ground beef and stew beef in it! With both diced and crushed tomatoes, kidney beans, a little bit of onion and a mixture of savory herbs and spices, it fits the classic profile of chili most people grew up eating. If its flavor is too tame for your palate, add some freshly chopped onions or peppers to the bowl before you dig in. Get the recipe here.
How to make turkey chili
With similar ingredients to classic chili, making it with turkey significantly lowers the fat content. This version also includes corn, fresh green pepper and garlic, changing the profile and adding a few more nutrients. For an added level taste, stir in grated cheddar cheese right before serving. Get the recipe here.
How to make chili cheese dogs
Nothing gets salivary glands pumping like gazing at a plate of chili cheese dogs. Some people use leftover chili but the best type for topping dogs is free of beans. They get in the way of the rich chili flavors and mandatory loads of cheese on top. For extra crunch and flavor bursts, add some freshly chopped yellow onions. Get the recipe here.
How to make white chicken chili
Some would insist this is not true chili, but its popularity makes it a real contender. Although it typically has little color, this version calls for a handful of spinach that adds visual appeal and extra vitamins. Stick with white beans such as navy or white kidney beans and use Monterey jack cheese for the topping to keep with the white theme. Get the recipe here.
How to make chili spaghetti
Cincinnati chili has been a mainstay in the eastern half of the United States for decades, with many chains that sell only this dish: spaghetti topped with chili and a choice of toppings including grated cheddar cheese and diced fresh onions. The beauty of this recipe is it's ready to eat in about a half hour, so you can crush your craving without hours of cooking. Don't skimp on the cheese — it's what really brings all the textures and flavors together. Get the recipe here.
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