10+ chicken casseroles that will change your life

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Chicken casseroles are a go-to staple for weeknight dinners. They are simple to put together, and the end table result delights guests. What more can you ask for? If you're looking for something that will top your mom's chicken casserole, you're in the right place.
The following chicken casseroles are must-haves in any kitchen. They feature simple, easy-to-find, flavorful ingredients. You'll see a whole range of recipes, as we want to make sure you have a variety to choose from for your next meal.
Easy chicken Parmesan
Let's face it, cooking dinner after a long day of work or school is not always an appealing task. After exerting mental or physical energy all day, it's likely that you don't want to meticulously follow a complex recipe for an hour. Rather, you'd like something quick and easy -- but also delicious. The following recipe is for you.
Chicken, broccoli, cheese casserole
This recipe is a classic. I remember eating this as a kid -- more importantly, I remember trying to pick out the broccoli bits when my mother wasn’t looking. I’m sure I wasn’t the only one. Now that I’m an adult, I love broccoli (especially when it’s smothered in gooey cheese). This recipe is creamy and comforting, and you might even trick your kids into eating this healthy vegetable.
Chicken Alfredo stuffed shells casserole
Chicken Alfredo is so good, isn't it? But even some of the best things in life have room for a little sprucing up. That's just what you'll get in this recipe. It's all the creamy goodness you love in chicken Alfredo, but there's something a little different about the pasta: It's not the wide noodles you might be accustomed to.
Grandma's chicken casserole
With just 4 ingredients, this recipe is called Grandma's chicken casserole for a reason: It's full of comfort, cheese and a bit of crunch from Ritz crackers. But if you have breadcrumbs or panko that you want to use up, feel free to use those instead.
Chicken cordon bleu lasagna casserole
The flavors of ham, cheese and chicken all work together so nicely in chicken cordon bleu; it's not hard to see why it remains a favorite of many today. Get the recipe here.
Monterey chicken casserole
This Monterey chicken casserole is everything you want a pasta casserole to be. The tender pieces of chicken really hit the spot, while the spaghetti is a nice touch that provides added texture. Pasta casseroles all too often call for short pasta such as penne or rigatoni, but those get boring after a while. There's nothing boring about this recipe.
Fritos chicken casserole
Everyone loves a good version of Fritos chili pie -- except for those who aren't red-meat eaters. The casserole has everything I love about a quick-and-easy weeknight meal -- it's easy to pull together, combines flavor and crunch, and keeps cleanup to a minimum. Get the recipe here.
Ritz cracker casserole
Ritz crackers serve as the topping for this Ritz cracker casserole dish, an ingredient used for different casseroles long before breadcrumbs became a staple topping. Because these crackers are already so light and buttery, all you need to do is crush them with your hands. Get the recipe here.
Chicken enchilada casserole
You'll never order Mexican take-out again after you try the chicken enchilada casserole recipe below. It's just as good as anything you can get at a restaurant, but for a fraction of the price. Not only that, but this cheesy chicken enchilada casserole is quick and easy to make. Who doesn't love a one-pan meal that's ready in 30 minutes? Get the recipe here.
Chicken tetrazzini casserole
Chicken tetrazzini used to be my favorite thing to eat at the local Italian eatery in town. Even though it's still one of my favorite dishes, I rarely go to that eatery anymore to order it. That's because I've discovered that it's so simple to make at home. When you follow this recipe, you too will find that it's very easy to make!
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