7+ casseroles that will make grandma proud

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There are just certain things that you equate with the feeling of home. Smells, sights, sounds and grandma's home cooking. Recipes that are hearty and full remind me of my grandma, that's for sure.
But how does one go about replicating grandma-style cooking? Stick with the classics. Meat, potatoes, and veggies. They are staples in so many home-cooked dishes. Casseroles are another great option for home-cooked meals. Check out these idea if you feel like eating some home-style cooking -- just like your grandma used to do.
Grandma's chicken casserole
Sometimes you just need to get dinner on the table. You don't have a whole lot of time for prep, and you certainly don't want to be standing over the stove after a long day. However, you also want to eat something that's full of flavor and doesn't feel as though you've skimped on anything. Get the recipe here.
Mashed potato casserole
The possibilities when it comes to cooking with potatoes are deliciously endless. Whether it's roast potatoes, scalloped potatoes, gratins, or even french fries, these tasty vegetables are a fantastic addition to any family dinner. Perhaps one of the more classic potato variations is that of mashed potatoes, a dish that truly knows no bounds. Get the recipe here.
Cheesy potato hamburger casserole
This cheesy potato hamburger casserole is easy to make and bakes for one hour before you add shredded cheese to melt on top. It's a great weeknight meal to make -- when it's baking, you can get other work done. Get the recipe here.
Chicken and potato casserole
After a long day at work, the last thing anyone wants to do when they get home is work more. Dinner can oftentimes be the last unexpected hurdle for people before they can really unwind at home. Many people turn to frozen food or fast food as easy alternatives to a home-cooked dinner. Get the recipe here.
Cheesy scallop potato casserole
The classic Midwestern meal is made up of meat and potatoes. Because of that, people have come up with a ton of ways to fix these little Idaho tubers. You can mash them, bake them, slice and fry them, or place them in a casserole dish with some other ingredients. Since you can add a lot of other ingredients into casseroles, they have become ideal dishes for feeding families and taking to group potlucks. Get the recipe here.
Hearty beef and potato casserole
When you're feeling particularly hungry and craving something rich and indulgent, nothing quite measures up to a hearty beef and potato casserole. Packed with tenderized beef, punchy garlic, starchy potatoes, and a hint of heat, this casserole has everything you want out of a weekday meal. Get the recipe here.
Chicken and biscuits casserole
Despite the fact that spring is almost here, the temperatures still ask for those warm, rich, winter-like recipes such as this delicious chicken and biscuits casserole. Packed with veggies and juicy, roasted chicken, the gravy-like soup comes covered with homemade biscuits, making for a casserole that is just perfect for the early spring days. Get the recipe here.
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