7+ tasty potato casseroles that you can serve up any night of the week

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The possibilities when it comes to cooking with potatoes are deliciously endless. Whether it's roast potatoes, scalloped potatoes, gratins, or even french fries, these tasty vegetables are a fantastic addition to any family dinner.
They are also the perfect ingredient for casseroles, and these recipes prove that. They are a quick and easy dinner that is warm and hearty. Take a look and see just how good these potato casseroles are.
The classic Midwestern meal is made up of meat and potatoes. Because of that, people have come up with a ton of ways to fix these little Idaho tubers. You can mash them, bake them, slice and fry them, or place them in a casserole dish with some other ingredients.
Perhaps one of the more classic potato variations is that of mashed potatoes, a dish that truly knows no bounds. Now you can turn the traditional mashed potatoes on its head when you make this mashed potato casserole.
Mashed potatoes are a brilliant side dish for almost any family dinner, but when you want a bit more punch on your dinner table, try this amazing loaded baked potato casserole.
Scalloped potatoes? Cheese? Sour cream?! BACON!!! Yes indeed. The recipe below has it all. You don't need to worry now about putting a hearty dinner on the table. With just a handful of ingredients, rest comfortably knowing the oven will do the rest of the work for you.
Baked potatoes are so unbelievably good, we had to bake them twice! This ultimate twice-baked potato casserole is the perfect comfort food to round off a busy workday. This filling casserole can be served with beef, chicken, or pork, and it's the ideal accompaniment to a joint roast. We love how you can choose to bake the potatoes the day before and prepare the casserole quickly the next evening if you need to save time.
This scalloped potatoes dish is generally reserved for special occasions. With a rich cream running through layers and layers of potatoes — and typically chock-full of cheese — it's definitely not something you eat when you're watching your diet.
You may know this casserole by another name (tater tot casserole). This family favorite is loaded with meat, potatoes, beans, and cheese. It’s impossible to go wrong, and it’s very unlikely you'll have leftovers!
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