7+ comforting recipes filled with dough and lots of flavor

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Surely there's scientific proof somewhere that any recipe with dough in it is the most comforting of all comfort dishes. Even if there isn't, many of us still believe it!
But you don't need a scientist to tell you when something tastes amazing and makes you feel good -- that's what any dough-filled recipe does every time. Shake up your next favorite meal with one of these delicious variations! Feel hungry already?
Cheesy taco sticks
Taco night may be a family favorite, but there's no reason you can't switch it up a bit. This twist on two classic dinner options (the breadstick and the taco) is a great choice for busy nights when the kids are feeling picky. The easy recipe simplifies the process by turning to the old reliable canned dough. Combining your basic taco ingredients and cramming them in a crust takes "Taco Tuesday" to the next level.
Full Recipe: Cheesy taco sticks
Pizza casserole
This pizza casserole dish is going to blow your mind! Your kids will be doing flips for this amazing dish. Perfect for the next Friday night dinner, try cooking this easy casserole dish instead of ordering delivery. Your family will go for seconds every time. My mouth is watering just thinking about it.
Full Recipe: Pizza casserole
Sloppy Joe casserole
The recipe below is a fun play on a classic sandwich. We added garlic butter to pre-made croissant dough. Then we top it off with some beef and cheese. Can you guess what this is?
Full Recipe: Sloppy Joe casserole
Buffalo chicken pull-apart bread
Yum! The smell of baking bread is delightful. Take that delicious bread and combine buffalo chicken with it to make a delicious finger food that takes very little work. Use this as an appetizer or the main meal.
Pepperoni pizza roll-ups
Who doesn't love ooey, gooey, cheesy pepperoni roll-ups? They're warm, comforting, and they have all the deliciousness of pepperoni pizza. When some people start going low carb, they mistakenly believe they have to give up the good things in life, including pizza dough. But as this recipe shows, that's just not true.
Vegetarian baked spinach and feta samosa
When it comes to samosas, those filled with spinach and feta cheese are a favorite. When crispy phyllo dough gives way to the smooth spinach mixture inside, it really can't be beat. Add to that onions and garlic, as in the recipe that follows, and it's pretty close to perfection. All it needs is a ton of butter and, yes, this recipe has that too!
Chicken & biscuit ranch casserole
Biscuits, cheese and ranch dressing equals food perfection in a pan. Add chicken, and it becomes a hearty meal that is tasty, easy to make and easy on the budget. It has all the comfort of a chicken pot pie, but it tastes even more decadent.
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