7+ slider recipes that are sure to make any party a success and totally fun

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Do you need a quick and easy dinner idea? Do you have to take finger foods to a get-together? Are you hosting a sports night at your house and have to feed a number of hungry men who will devour everything in sight? Maybe your challenge is feeding a high school sports team full of starving teenage boys.
Sliders are such a perfect dish for a crowd, but they can be time-consuming to make on the stove top or on a grill. After all, wouldn't you rather be hanging with your guests instead of flipping dozens of tiny burgers?
Reuben sliders
These Reuben sliders are just what you need for your next party — whether it's for St. Patrick's Day, a Fourth of July barbecue or the next big game. With only a few minutes of prep and 20 minutes in the oven, these delectable, savory treats will be ready before you know it.
Cuban sliders
Whatever your food challenge is, fixing a pan of Cuban sliders may be just the solution you need. You can fix a large number of tasty sandwiches quickly, knowing that everyone will love the food.
Cheesy party sliders in a casserole
There's actually a way that you can serve up sliders without having to spend tons of time at the stove: Bake them as a casserole! Adding onion and butter directly to the burgers keeps them nice and moist while they bake. Get the recipe here.
Slow cooker buffalo chicken sliders
Buffalo chicken is so delicious, but people too often think there's only one way to eat it: in the form of wings. That's just not true! As this recipe proves, chicken can be made in the slow cooker then shredded and covered in buffalo sauce. A little bit of ranch dressing cools it down just enough for those who can't take the extreme heat.
Slow cooker cheeseburger meatball sliders
Everyone loves burgers. There's something about making them tiny and perfect for fitting in just one hand that makes them even more irresistible. Now imagine if you took those small sliders and subbed out the burger for a meatball or two, then you gave them the royal treatment by smothering them in marinara sauce and cheese. Get the recipe here.
Pulled pork sliders
The popular dish of pulled pork sliders is easy to eat and a little less messy than when piled onto a huge hamburger bun. You still get all the great taste, albeit in smaller form. This smaller form is beneficial in that you can eat more of them without any of the guilt!
Sloppy Joe sliders
Sloppy Joes have been a favorite around family dinner tables for a long time. But as delicious and crowd-friendly as they are, they're not really great for parties. They're a little messy, and that huge bun with bits of beef spilling out is just too hard to hold on to and be social at the same time. When you use this recipe, you can have your party and your sloppy Joes too!
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