7+ delectable comfort recipes with tortillas

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Sometimes we come across fantastically simple recipes that are not only cheap and delicious, but have an added element of fun in their preparation! When preparing a meal for the family, it's always helpful to choose a recipe that is not only fast and yummy, but one that also has a great job built in for the little ones if they want to help put dinner on the table. These amazing recipes with tortillas are sure to delight the whole family!
Check out these 7+ recipes, and don't forget to give the videos a watch for more helpful tips.
Monster chicken fajita wrap
Chicken fajitas are a fantastic comfort dish, but they can be a bit messy. This fun twist on a classic simplifies how you eat this dish and turns out a pretty attractive entree, too. This dish works best with a cast-iron skillet, but you can use any oven-safe pan (with a little extra oil to prevent sticking).
Chicken tortilla casserole
My mom used to make the recipe below all the time when I was a kid. She always called it Mexican Pizza, because she knew I would eat anything with the word "pizza" in the title. I didn't know it at the time, but this meal would one day become my favorite go-to weeknight dinner recipe.
Ranch chicken casserole
A casserole is a quintessential American dish. Layers of a starch, protein and vegetables are all baked together to create a satisfying meal in one package, just like in the recipe below. Though it may sound like just throwing everything in a dish and baking it, the result can actually have a lot of flavor and depth.
Slow cooker ground beef taco bowls
This is an easy, fast-to-fix and fun recipe that manages to pack in layers of great taste. Even if you have the busiest morning ever, you can still find 20 seconds to throw meat and salsa into the slow cooker and press go! Then you get to return to the wonderful aroma of beef simmered with those fabulous spicy flavors.
Beef enchilada casserole
This enchilada casserole offers all the flavors of enchiladas without the tedious effort of rolling them. You can use ready-made enchilada sauce with great results, but you can also make it with the recipe provided you are feeling adventurous.
Burrito pie
Burrito pie is everything you love about burritos, without all the fussing of assembling them and making sure they're rolled just right so they don't fall apart in the oven. In this dish, ground beef is mixed with the perfect taco seasonings, black beans and frozen corn before being piled into a casserole dish with flour tortillas and salsa.
Slow cooker Mexican lasagna
One of the most fun things to do in the culinary world is to combine different cultures' cuisines to create hybrid dishes. In fact, that's how you get some of the best dishes in the world – because taking the best parts of cuisines from around the world allows you to create fantastic foods.
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