6+ Low-Carb cucumber recipes that are so tasty it doesn't matter they're Low-Carb

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There's no denying that cucumber is refreshing and always seems to hit the spot. Whether you want something filling or just want a quick snack, cucumber is the way to go. The best part? You can enjoy any of these cucumber-infused recipes absolutely guilt-free! They are all low carb and delicious.
Cucumber recipes can cover a lot of area. We've narrowed it down to nine dishes that you have to try this week. We just know that you are going to fall in love with these healthy and tasty recipes.
Low-Carb blackened shrimp avocado cucumber bites
I’m always looking for recipes for tantalizing appetizers or light lunch dishes that are full of flavor but low in carbs. The recipe below hits the spot. These pretty party bites are a little spicy, a little creamy, and 100 percent delicious.
Get the recipe here.
Low-Carb cucumber roll-ups with Greek yogurt
Greek feta, Greek yogurt, Greek olives. Together these conjure up a flavorful, crisp, and creamy Greek salad. The recipe below combines all of those fresh salad ingredients in pretty roll-ups that are perfect for snacking or serving with cocktails. Get the recipe here.
Easy low-carb cucumber Caesar
I love a good Caesar salad, with its creamy, salty dressing and Parmesan cheese. The recipe below makes it easier than ever to enjoy all the crunchy deliciousness of a classic Caesar — but without the carbs. Instead of a romaine-based salad with crunchy croutons, this one starts with crunchy cucumber chunks. Get the recipe here.
Low-Carb smoked turkey 'sandwiches'
This “sandwich” makes an easy lunch or a satisfying snack. You can use any herbs or seasonings you like in the cream cheese mixture. And, of course, you can change up the deli meat. Another combination I love is a horseradish cream cheese with slices of deli-sliced roast beef. Get the recipe here.
Low-Carb keto cucumber bites
Since these are made into little “bites” they make ideal finger food. They’re great for taking outside to a park bench if you have the luxury of being outdoors, or if you don’t, munching right at your desk while you tackle your emails. For a bit of extra crunch, sprinkle some chopped toasted almonds or walnuts over the tops. Get the recipe here.
Low-Carb salmon cucumber rolls
Smoked salmon is kind of a wonder food. It works for breakfast, brunch, lunch, dinner, fancy appetizers, and quick snacks. It’s also full of healthy fats and good protein. The recipe below showcases smoked salmon in a dish that is equally versatile—I’ve served these pretty little roll-ups for everything from breakfast to cocktail hour. Get the recipe here.
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