6+ low-carb cucumber recipes that are so tasty, it doesn't matter they're low-carb

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Cucumbers rarely get the attention they deserve - unless they become pickles. In fact, they're as refreshing as watermelon, available year round, and if you choose English cucumbers, you don't even have to peel them. Typically relegated to a salad ingredient, with a little imagination they can be the star of many dishes.
Whether you're vegan, vegetarian or just follow a conventional diet, cucumbers are ideal for exotic appetizers, sandwich toppings, or just eaten out of hand with a sprinkle of salt and pepper. Try these recipes for cool, refreshing dishes that are just the ticket on a hot day when standing over a kitchen stove is simply not an option.
Low-Carb blackened shrimp avocado cucumber bites
Shrimp taste sweeter when they're lightly coated with Cajun seasoning and grilled to perfection. Two minutes a side is perfect. Remember to add salt and pepper to the avocado mash - it brings out the flavor that makes avocados so popular. Get the recipe here.
Low-Carb cucumber roll-ups with Greek yogurt
Going Greek couldn't be easier than these elegant cucumber appetizers. The salt of the Kalamata olives sublimely pairs with the subtle sweetness of the fresh red bell pepper. Use a wide vegetable peeler or mandoline to cut the cucumbers super thin. Chilling these treats ahead of time improves the flavor. Get the recipe here.
Easy low-carb cucumber Caesar
Cravings for Caesar salad can drive you wild. This cucumber-based take on the iconic dish has all the flavor without the carbs. Best of all, it just gets better in the fridge, so you can enjoy it over and over again. Add leftover grilled salmon or chicken to make it a meal. Get the recipe here.
Low-Carb smoked turkey 'sandwiches'
Using thinly sliced English cucumbers as the "bread," these healthy sandwiches are simple and delicious. Season the cream cheese with your favorite fresh herbs. Thinly sliced deli ham, roast beef or soppressata are great substitutes for the smoked turkey. Get the recipe here.
Low-Carb keto cucumber bites
Fresh dill and chives brighten up this cream cheese filling. When you scoop the seeds out of the cucumber, take care to leave a healthy layer of cucumber behind. These snacks become more flavorful when made the day before and upgrade a brown bag lunch to gourmet status. Get the recipe here.
Low-Carb salmon cucumber rolls
Smoked salmon is packed with flavor and beautifully accented by the freshness of cucumber. The lemon juice brings out the best in both the salmon and cucumber. Finely chop the salmon before mixing it with the cream cheese to make spreading easier. Get the recipe here.
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