17+ genius ways of getting rid of bathroom smells for good

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The bathroom may be the one room in any home that serves two drastically different purposes. Equally looked at as a space for grooming as well as taking care of nature’s call, the bathroom is held to a standard of cleanliness that surpasses many other rooms in the home. Between showers, baths, makeup sessions and hair products, it can feel overwhelming to keep a bathroom in tip-top shape.
Beyond the inevitable grime buildup, a bathroom is extremely prone to a number of unpleasant odors. With the shower, toilet and sink all primary culprits when it comes to unsavory scents, it can be hard to know where to begin when it comes to odor elimination. Additionally, bathrooms tend to run on the smaller size and experience heavy foot-traffic through the day. In the name of maintaining a pristine abode and letting scent-based worries fall to the wayside, here are a few surefire ways of getting rid of bathroom smells for good.
1. Tough toilet bowl cleaner
It’s not necessary to break the bank when it comes to keeping the toilet bowl fresh. Although it’s tempting to buy high-priced chlorine-based solutions, a quick DIY mixture can prove tougher on toilet bowls and deliver longer-lasting scent results. Toilet bowls are a primary source of unpleasant odor in the bathroom as mineral buildup occurs under the rim with use. Break down this unsavory ring with a simple solution of white vinegar, baking soda and water in a spray bottle. Let the solution sit for several minutes and wipe away for shining and fresh results. Adding a few drops of essential oils will add a pleasant scent as well.
2. Shape-savvy scrubber
Generic toilet bowl brushes are adequate, but for a clean that doesn’t cut corners and results in a better-smelling bathroom, invest in a brush that fits the bowl. Curved handles or brush heads allowing for reaching up and under the rim ensure more mineral buildup is removed. Ultimately, less buildup leads to a fresher overall scent.
3. Bring on blue water
Even though it not may be the most exciting purchase, blue water tablets for toilet tanks are an efficient way to keep your toilet smelling fresh long-term. Although the color effect masks any stubborn bowl stains, the properties of the tablet also mean a chemical rinse is guaranteed with every flush.
4. Invest in an air-purifier
The bathroom is a space that sees a lot of foot traffic. From morning makeup routines to hairspray and the many hygiene-based activities in between, bathroom air is generally highly saturated with a combination of chemicals and scents. A healthy and easy way to keep these contaminates at bay is to invest in a small air purifier. Mounting a small purifier higher up on the wall is a good way to capture and dissolve particles on impact. Removing these particles will result in healthier and better-smelling air in the bathroom over time.
5. Mop it up
Bathroom floors are generally constructed to withstand the effects of water and wear from foot traffic. Between the shoes, soap and beauty products, it’s easy for bathroom floors to develop a grimy buildup leading to unpleasant smells. Set a small amount of time aside each week to quickly swipe over the floor with a soap and water mix. This extends the life of floor surfacing and keeps the bathroom smelling fresh.
6. Treat the shower drain
Shower drains keep the water flowing well, but as hair and other dirt particles collect, it’s common to notice smells wafting up from the pipes. Be sure to regularly run a mix of 1 cup white vinegar and 1 cup baking soda down the drain followed by a hot water rinse. This simple solution breaks down pesky drain particles and eliminates odors at the source.
7. Focus on the faucets
Similar to drains but often overlooked, faucet heads are famous for building up a collection of mineral residues, ultimately affecting the overall smell of the bathroom. Quickly eliminate these odors with a quick dip of the faucet head in a baking soda and white vinegar mixture. Wiping away the mixture once treated should be enough to keep the water flowing well and ensure a pleasant aroma always fills the bathroom.
8. Save a squeegee
Squeegees are mostly seen as useful tools to keep in a car, but the water-whisking effect on windows is equally efficient at keeping shower walls free of mildew. Keep a squeegee in the shower and wipe down walls after every use. Eliminating moisture immediately makes for a shower with less bacterial buildup resulting in unpleasant aromas.
9. Rub down the tub
For those who tend to take baths more often than showers, mildew can quickly build up as bath bombs, body gels or bubble solutions are left behind in trace amounts. Over time, this can lead to bad smells making for even more unpleasant baths. Keep a set of rags exclusively dedicated to the tub on hand and wipe down tubs as soon as the bath is finished for a fresh scent long term.
10. Set a shower curtain expiration date
Shower curtains are meant to keep shower products and water spray well away from bathroom floors, but as they linger in damp showers, these curtains can provide the ultimate destination for bacteria to grow. To make sure a shower curtain doesn’t become the source of terrible bathroom smells, set a personal expiration date for interior curtains and change them out regularly.
11. Open the door and let great scents in
Often viewed as a place of great privacy, there is a tendency for bathroom doors to remained shut most of the time. In general, a closed door leads to still air that collects unpleasant particles and leads to unsavory smells. As a way to ensure better air circulation in the bathroom and improve overall scent, keep the door open for at least a couple of hours every day.
12. Appreciate the power of aroma therapy
Essential oil diffusers are commonly used in larger living areas in the home but are equally efficient in bathrooms. Feel free to add a small diffuser to a bathroom counter and keep it running during times of high use. Environmentally friendly and gentle on the senses, aroma therapy can set a pleasant scent-ambiance in any bathroom.
13. Repurpose dryer sheets
Towels are often kept under kitchen cabinets and, in time, tend to take on the scents that surround them. To keep towels and cabinets fresh, place a few dryer sheets underneath the sink. Although they won’t harm fabrics, they absorb unpleasant odors and will ensure a long-lasting fresh scent every time someone reaches for a towel.
14. Stock up on towels
Everyone seems to have a favorite bath towel, but it’s easy to forget that the longer a towel hangs in the bathroom the more likely it is that fabric will become a breeding ground for odor-causing bacteria. To this point, it’s worth investing in stocking up the towel drawer. Regularly switching out towels helps make sure the bathroom air remains mildew-free.
15. Don’t forget the vents
As they relate to bathroom, air vents often get lost in the mix. Because they are generally on the ceiling, it’s easy to forget just how much dust and debris can be collected in those small spaces. As vents become clogged, air circulation is repressed, leading to stagnant air and an increased number of bad odors. Dust bathroom air vents at least once a month to keep ventilation systems in prime condition and reduce unpleasant smells for good.
16. Automatic air fresheners
If setting a cleaning schedule isn’t a priority, add an automatic air freshener to the bathroom as a way of ensuring a long-lasting fresh scent. Eliminating odors at regular intervals, this strategy keeps the air smelling clean long term and doesn’t require anyone to manually be involved in the process.
17. Toilet bowl sprays
When nature calls there isn’t much to be done but take care of business. One of the most frequent causes of bad bathroom smells and often the most embarrassing comes from natural human use. Keeping toilet bowl spray on hand for use prior to using the facilities is an excellent solution to keeping smells fresh no matter the number of flushes. Toilet bowl sprays are applied before toilet use and work to block smells before they even happen.
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