7+ effective products that will help you get the cleanest bathroom ever

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1. Instant mold stain & mildew remover
If mold and mildew stains are getting on your nerves, try this instant mold stain and mildew remover by RMR-86. One reviewer suggested that the mold in our bathroom instantly came off. Purchase the cleaner here.
2. Magic Erasers
If you can't seem to get your bathtub clean, Magic Erasers are here to save the day.
Purchase it here.
3. Toilet bowl ring remover
Get rid of unsightly toilet bowl rings for good. Try the professional grade toilet ring remover called the Pumie.
4. Deep cleaning brush kit set
This kit is perfect for hard-to-reach spaces that attract dirt and grime, like sinks, tile grout and more.
These brushes are sturdy and easy-to-use. They cut that elbow grease time down! Purchase this brush kit here.
5. Bar Keepers Friend
This is a product every home should store. It's great not just for the bathroom but also the kitchen. Bar Keepers Friend cleanser removes stains from the hardest surfaces such as stainless steel and porcelain. It even cleans up rust!
Purchase this here.
6. Extendable tile scrubber
Extending up to 42 inches, this multipurpose scrubber helps get to those hard-to-reach crevices and recesses in your bathroom. It's both versatile and sturdy.
Purchase this here.
7. Hard water stain remover
Those hard-to-remove spots can definitely make a bathroom feel less than new. This hard water stain remover by Bio Clean is here to help.
Get it here.
8. Mildew stain remover for shower curtains and more
This mildew stain remover by Star Brite works for all sorts of surfaces, including rubber, plastic, tile, grout and vinyl. Even your dirty shower curtains can be saved!
Get this mildew stain remover here.
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