8+ brilliant products that will keep your home smelling good

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Disclaimer: We love recommending products to our readers, and any products purchased via links on this page may result in monetary commissions for this site.
Of all the home deodorizers out there competing for your sale, how do you know which ones actually work? The best way to find out is to do your homework and learn what other people who've used a product think about it. To help with your research, we offer you a list of proven home-deodorizing products.
From all-purpose reed diffusers and essential oils to all-natural products, the following items have received rave reviews from numerous users. Check them out to see how to make your nose happier.
1. Reed diffuser
Who doesn't love the lingering smell of cooked fish in the kitchen? Everyone. Reed diffusers are excellent ways to replace a room's stink with fragrant aromas. Aquisse diffusers come in nine different scents, including Mandarin Tea, Pacific Lime and Pink Peony.
Overall, reviewers agree the scents last longer than advertised, and flipping over the reeds periodically helps lengthen the fragrance. Purchase it here.
2. Magic soap odor remover
It can take days to wash your hands of the last smelly remnants from cutting onions and garlic. Ueasy's stainless-steel odor remover bar works to get out those absorbed smells. Just use it as you would a bar of soap. Purchase it here.
3. Carpet and upholstery cleaner
Poor Fido. Accidents happen, but you can clean up the smell and stains with this steam cleaning product. Bubba's steamer cleaner is commercial grade and great for home use, including upholstery.
One reviewer enthused that the product cleaned every area, including urine stains and smells from the sofa and carpet. Purchase the product here.
4. Washing machine cleaner
You would think a washing machine more or less washes itself when you toss in the clothes. Unfortunately, washing machines do suffer from hard water and the dirt that comes off clothes. Affresh's washer machine tablets dissolve slowly to last through the entire cycle, and are safe for septic systems. Purchase this here.
5. Charcoal shoe inserts
Few smells rival the funk of sweaty shoes that haven't been aired out in months. Moso Natural's bags contain no harsh chemicals and are ideal for neutralizing shoe and gym bag odors. Purchase this here.
6. Garbage disposal deodorizer
While a garbage disposal is handy, every tiny bit of food doesn't always go down, so odor can build up. Grab Green manufactures all-natural freshener pods perfect for the disposal. The tangerine and lemongrass scent also contains natural oils of orange, lime and ginger, among others. Purchase this here.
7. Trashcan all-natural deodorizer
Not only does this lavender essential oil deodorizer from Friends Forever keep trashcan stench from overwhelming the kitchen, it can act as a calming scent for the humans in the house. A few drops in a room last for a full day. Purchase this here.
8. Freshen clothing
Biodegradable and paraben-free, The Good Home Co. sachets bring a lovely smell to clothes when placed in closets and drawers. The sachets come in three lovely scents: Beach Days, Pure Grass and Lavender. Purchase this here.
9. Cat litter deodorizer
Fluffy can't help it; when she has to go, she has to go. It's just too bad Fluffy can't clean up afterward, which is why litter-box smells can be overwhelming. Smiling Paws cat litter deodorizer eliminates the smell and releases a gentle fragrance. And, you can be sure it's non-toxic and biodegradable. Purchase this here.
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