10+ mouthwatering pot roast recipes that can be made in a slow cooker

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Pot roast – the dish everyone knows and loves. It's served at every time of the year, for many occasions: Christmas dinner, an after-work dinner on a Tuesday, or a birthday party. It's that go-to dish that pleases for any event... or non-event. The following recipes have been all taste-tested and approved by Cooktop Cove's test kitchen.
The chefs have done the work so you don't have to. Keep reading to get a collection of the best slow cooker pot roast recipes. Each photo comes with a full recipe link.
Slow cooker tomato Parmesan pot roast
In this recipe, we take the magic of sun-dried tomatoes and combine them with Parmesan cheese to make a beautiful crust on the roast. Paired with garlic and fresh rosemary, this flavorful pot roast is sure to wow just about everyone.
Easy slow cooker pot roast
With just a few simple ingredients, you could be on your way to enjoying a delicious pot roast, made with the ease of a slow cooker! This particular recipe was designed with maximum convenience in mind, taking only 10 minutes to prep.
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Slow cooker red wine pot roast
Pot roast is a staple for many because of its ease and simplicity. But instead of cooking it up in your oven, we've whipped up a super easy slow cooker recipe that's packed with the rich flavor of red wine and all the sweet and tangy goodness of onions and potatoes. After a full day of roasting in the slow cooker, this entire dish is going to melt in your mouth.
Slow cooker creamy mustard sauce pot roast
Pot roast is a classic. It is something that just about all of us grew up eating at dinnertime. My mom used to make pot roast every Saturday night, usually with red wine, and serve it with veggies and mashed potatoes. In this recipe, I've made some adjustments to Mom's old-school pot roast by cooking it in a creamy mustard gravy for a delicious take on the classic dish.
Slow cooker sweet and sour pot roast
We love an interesting take on a classic dish, and this amazing recipe for sweet and sour pot roast is no exception. The delicious recipe is one of our dream dishes and soon to be go-to dinners on any given occasion. The basic layering of deliciously hearty root vegetables, topped with a juicy (and cheap) beef chuck roast and smothered in the easiest homemade sauce you've ever tried, makes this meal a true standout on any dinner table.
Slow cooker Mississippi pot roast
We all love pot roast, but this Southern classic straight out of Mississippi will knock your socks off. The recipe below only takes 10 minutes to prep but has an immense flavor that your family won't forget. By the time it finishes cooking, the meat will be fork-tender.
Slow cooker tender pot roast
In this recipe, we make a slurry with cornstarch and water and kick it up a notch by adding Worcestershire sauce. The cornstarch thickens up all the natural juices from the roast and veggies as they slowly cook. Be sure to let your roast sit for at least 10 minutes after cooking to keep it nice and moist before slicing and serving. If you have time, give the meat a good sear in a hot pan before putting it into the slow cooker for an even tastier roast.
Slow cooker BBQ pot roast
Pot roast is a family favorite in my household. As the main cook in the kitchen, I love pot roast not only because it's comforting and delicious but also because it's forgiving and flexible. You can play with the recipe below, adding and subtracting ingredients to your heart's content, and as long as you slow-cook the beef, it's probably going to turn out okay.
Slow cooker honey pot roast
This tender pork recipe is a great fit for a Sunday dinner, but after drooling over this recipe and watching the video, this might just become a weeknight favorite. With just less than 7 ingredients, this pork roast takes only 10 minutes to prep and comes out looking divine.
Classic slow cooker pot roast
When there's a chill in the air (or you just get a craving for a delicious, meaty meal), a classic pot roast fills the bill. The secret to making a great roast is simple: time. The recipe below makes this process super easy.
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