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You can always use more sweet potatoes in your life. For starters, they are delicious. They bring sweetness to savory applications, but they also work great in a dessert. They are also quite filling similar to traditional potatoes. They are bursting with nutrition! While they have some B vitamins and a good amount of vitamin C, they are also absolutely loaded up with vitamin A. Do you need any more reasons to try and get more sweet potatoes into your diet?
Now that you know that sweet potatoes can be good for your health, how do you get them into your meals? While you can always just cook a single sweet potato quickly in your microwave and eat it, you can do a lot more with them using these great recipes that highlight the sweet side of sweet potatoes. Desserts don't have to be completely unhealthy.
Candied sweet potato casserole
This is a pretty classic dessert dish, although some may try and play it off as a side. Hey, if you can justify calling something covered in marshmallow a side dish, good for you. You get dessert flavor in addition to the inherent sweetness of the potatoes by including brown sugar and cinnamon. Get the recipe here.
Whiskey glazed sweet potato casserole
This is a little more rustic, but nothing says that you have to mash up sweet potatoes to eat them. They are just as good in sliced form like this. This recipe involves a decent amount of whiskey, so keep this delicious dessert for the adults at your next Thanksgiving. Get the recipe here.
Bourbon sweet potato casserole
Call it a casserole, which it is, but this also feels like a dream pie in casserole form. Pecans and sweet potato are both great for a slightly less sugary dessert. Add in the bourbon, and you have a rich, delicious dish that will wow your dinner guests. Get the recipe here.
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