8 easy casseroles that require 5 or fewer ingredients

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Putting dinner on the table just got easier. This list features kitchen-tested casserole recipes of five ingredients or fewer.
Chicken cordon bleu lasagna
In this recipe, chicken and ham replace the traditional ground beef, and conventional red sauce gets upgraded to Alfredo for a creamy, delicious meal.
Cheese and corn enchiladas
Enchiladas have never been so easy. This recipe uses corn kernels, cheddar, tortillas, enchilada sauce and oregano.
Cherry pie bubble-up casserole
This gooey, buttery dessert casserole is so easy that it practically makes itself.
Monte Cristo casserole
Monte Cristo sandwiches have remained one of the most popular diner items for decades, and for good reason. They're creamy, cheesy and simply beautiful. All the dipping and flipping is a pain, though, especially when you just want a sandwich. This recipe takes no effort and few ingredients to bring you the sandwich you're looking for without all the hassle.
Cheesy zucchini bake
Turn all that zucchini from the garden into “lasagna” noodles for a meat- and gluten-free meal.
Italian baked pasta casserole
With just a few pantry staples, your favorite shape of pasta, and some cheese, you can whip up a homemade meal in about 30 minutes. It's hearty and full of flavor, too, so your dinner guests will think you spent all day getting things ready.
Turkey and mashed potato casserole
A Thanksgiving dinner is delicious no matter the time of year, but roasting an entire turkey, fixing all the sides and getting it onto the table are just too much trouble for a busy weeknight meal. The recipe that follows, however, is simple enough to make whenever you want.
Loaded cauliflower casserole
Anyone who's gone on a low-carb diet knows that cauliflower makes a great substitute for pizza dough, pasta and, as this recipe shows, potatoes. There's not much the venerable cauliflower can't do.
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