Feeling like Italian food tonight? Here are some classic casseroles to try

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Who doesn't like a nice, robust Italian meal? However, spaghetti and meatballs might feel a little worn out by this point. You want those Italian flavors, but you need a new way to enjoy them. Fortunately, we have several different Italian-infused casseroles for your dinner enjoyment.
Now, you may have just read the word "casserole" and blanched a bit. Don't be afraid of the casserole! When done well, a casserole is ten times better than the tuna casseroles you were subjected to at family potlucks as a kid. Dig into these recipes, and we think you will find them not only simple enough to make without stress, but also tasty and rewarding.
Italian potato casserole
Potatoes make a great choice for a casserole base. They crisp up nicely when cooked properly. They also hold up nicely to being slathered with cheese, and who doesn't want a cheesy dish? This recipe has a few different kinds of cheese, along with a nice zip of garlic. Get the recipe here.
Italian zucchini casserole
Zucchini makes a nice replacement for pasta in Italian dishes, as they are lighter and healthier, but delicious in their own right. However, you still get plenty of the garlic and tomato taste you think of when you think of an Italian dish. Just remember to cover it with aluminum foil before baking, bake until it's cooked well and then remove the foil, add the cheese, and bake some more to get the texture just right. Get the recipe here.
Italian meatball casserole
Paste and meatballs! Need we say more? This dish is extremely easy to make, as you don't have to pre-boil the pasta before preparing it. That means prep time only takes five minutes. You do minimal work, and the next thing you know you'll have a hearty meatball dish featuring tender pasta. Get the recipe here.
Spicy chicken Parmesan casserole
Chicken Parmesan and penne pasta are a winning combination. This recipe takes things to the next level though. Thanks to the addition of chili pepper flakes, which are easy to find and used in many dishes, you get a real kick in your pasta sauce. Just be sure to cook the chicken thoroughly, which shouldn't be too hard. Get the recipe here.
Super simple spaghetti casserole
Hey, sometimes you're going to want spaghetti. There's no shame in that. Here's a way to shake things up next time you bust out the spaghetti noodles. Doesn't this spaghetti casserole look delicious? Since the recipe is so simple, you can also have fun adding in cheese and veggies to your taste. Get the recipe here.
Cheesy ravioli casserole
As this recipe says, this is basically lasagna made with ravioli. This way, though, you can bake it all in one dish. You get a nice bite of cheesy ravioli mixed in with tomato and beef, and some added cheese for good measure. Lasagna is great. Ravioli is great. Now you can have them together. Get the recipe here.
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