7+ super easy appetizer recipes that are great for any get together

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Prepping for a party or get together can be exhausting. There is a long list of duties and responsibilities for a hostess not to mention all the cooking that you have to do.
Take all the work and stress out of making appetizers by using some of the recipes that follow on this list. These are easy to prepare and in most of them your slow cooker will do the majority of the work so that you have time to focus on things like decorations or cleaning your home before guests arrive.
1. Slow cooker brown sugar bacon-wrapped mini hot dogs
When you need a party dish that’s easy to make, mini sausages are an obvious choice. This recipe wraps them in smoky bacon and then cooks them in brown sugar so that they become crisp and glazed. The salty-sweet combination is totally addictive. Get the recipe here.
2. Sweet and spicy bacon wrapped chicken tenders
How can you make chicken tenders even more kid-friendly? By wrapping them in bacon, of course! This recipe combines tons of flavors kids love for a dinner that's as fun to eat as it is to make. Get the recipe here.
3. Slow cooker chicken nacho dip
As far as I’m concerned, every party should center around a pot of warm, gooey cheese dip and a bowl of crunchy tortilla chips. I mean, how can you even call it a party without some chips and dip? The recipe below is simple to make in a slow cooker and is always a crowd-pleaser. Get the recipe here.
4. Slow cooker jalapeno poppers
Jalapeño poppers are a guilty pleasure to be sure—spicy hot peppers stuffed with a gooey cheese mixture, breaded, and deep fried to a crispy crunch. Yum! I admit, I can’t pass these up when I see them on a restaurant menu, but they’ve always seemed like too much trouble to make at home. The recipe below is so easy that you’ll be able to indulge your jalapeño popper addiction any time you like. Get the recipe here.
5. Slow cooker meaty cheese dip
Just about everyone loves a good cheese dip. Now imagine adding ground beef and bacon, and you have something very special. I like to think of it as bacon cheeseburger dip. It's so tasty that it's always the first food to disappear at a party. My recommendation: Make extra! Your friends, family and party-goers will be begging you for this recipe. Get the recipe here.
6. Slow cooker spicy sausage cheese dip
Whether the get-together is a work meeting or a game-day party, this dip will be a hit. It travels easily; take it hot and ready to the party in the slow cooker. All this dip needs is a bowl of corn chips and it's ready to go. When I served this at a meeting this week, it all disappeared! It's that good. Enjoy! Get the recipe here.
7. Slow cooker BBQ jelly meatballs
This slow cooker meatball recipe calls for BBQ sauce and grape jelly. Grape jelly? Yep! It's the easiest sweet-and-sour meatball dish that you will ever make! Get the recipe here.
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