Christmas without the calories. Take a look at these low-carb mains

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Christmas is the traditional season of giving. People typically exchange presents, but the true spirit of the holiday is the generosity of love, friendship and support we often overlook the rest of the year. When you plan your Christmas dinner menu, express that kindness in preparing dishes everyone can enjoy — dishes that are healthy, delicious and won't require people to diet into the new year to get back in shape.
Elegant entrees, as well as stylish side dishes prepared with care, convey holiday cheer your friends and family will appreciate all year. These recipes may be low carb, but they could not be higher in taste and presentation. For an extra treat, print a few copies of each recipe on holiday stationery for guests who want to share your culinary secrets.
Low-carb rack of lamb with butter beans
Rack of lamb makes one of the loveliest presentations of any protein. Ask the butcher to French the rack for you, which removes the fat and sinew from the bones to give it high-end restaurant staging. Butter beans arranged on the side beautifully finish the dish. Get the recipe here.
Low-carb gluten-free stuffing
Roasting the cauliflower for stuffing gives it more body, so it better imitates traditional bread cubes. Scrape up the fond in the pan before adding chicken livers, bouquet garni and broth to get the rich flavor it adds to the stuffing. Crumbled bacon on top gives the finished dish a wonderful texture. Get the recipe here.
Low-carb Christmas rib roast
Once again, simplicity rules. A standing rib roast is so flavorful and beautiful on its own, you only need a few seasonings and some beef broth to create an entree that will awe guests. Don't skip the resting period — it's essential to keep the meat juicy. Get the recipe here.
Vegetarian mashed cauliflower
Using a food processor to mash the cauliflower gives this side a silky, authentic mashed potato texture. Goat cheese and a touch of garlic make it a star side for any entree, and you won't need any gravy! Get the recipe here.
Low-carb green beans and bacon
Slow-roasting green beans and onions in bacon fat creates a savory-sweet taste no other method yields. The perfectly rendered bacon adds spurts of salty crispness and just enough richness to inspire a second helping. Get the recipe here.
Print this recipe

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