Slow cooker Mississippi roast sandwiches — a perfect Southern picnic lunch!

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Each part of the country has their own distinct regional flavors. In Mississippi, they slow cook their meat with the zesty combination of brown gravy, ranch seasoning, and pepperoncini peppers, to give their meals a unique twist. These slow cooker pot roast sandwiches are juicy, tender, and the perfect meal to bring to an outdoor picnic or BBQ during the summer.
Each sandwich can easily be topped with any of your favorite toppings, but the recipe below calls for a simple horseradish mayo, provolone cheese, and a crusty ciabatta roll. The beef turns so juicy after its time in the slow cooker, it can be shredded apart with a spoon! Kids in particular will absolutely love these yummy, messy sandwiches!
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Slow Cooker Mississippi Roast Sandwiches
10 mins
6 hrs
6 hrs 10 mins
4 pound chuck roast
1-ounce packet ranch seasoning mix
1-ounce packet brown gravy/au jus mix
1/2 pound butter
Six pepperoncini peppers
Fresh ground black pepper
To build the sandwiches:
Eight ciabatta rolls, toasted
Eight slices provolone cheese
1½ cups mayonnaise
⅓ cup white horseradish sauce
Add chuck roast to the bottom of the slow cooker.
Top the roast with all other ingredients: ranch seasoning, au jus mix, butter, peperoncini, and a large pinch of black pepper.
Cover slow cooker with lid and cook on high power for about six hours, or until the beef is fully cooked and easily shredded.
When cooking is complete, remove the lid and remove and discard large chunks of fat floating on the top.
Remove the beef and shred using two forks. Slice the cooked peperoncini into rings. Allow to rest while preparing to build the sandwiches.
In a small bowl, combine together the mayo, horseradish, and a large pinch of black pepper. Mix to fully combine and taste for seasoning.
To serve, add shredded beef to the bottom half of a toasted ciabatta roll. Top beef with provolone cheese and pepperoncini rings. Smear a healthy dollop of horseradish mayo on the top half of the bun, and serve immediately.
Pro-tip: For a spicier version, use pepper jack cheese and add a little of your favorite hot sauce to the horseradish mayo.
Pro-tip: Reduce the salt in this dish by using just half of the ranch seasoning and brown gravy packets, and use unsalted butter.
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