4+ cabbage recipes that'll transform your taste buds forever

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Cabbage is a seriously underrated vegetable. It’s jam-packed with nutrients – including vitamins C and K, as well as fiber, the amino acid glutamine and antioxidants that can help lower your risk of cancer. Plus, it can be cooked in many ways for a delicious side dish.
The following recipes are a must-try in any kitchen. From salads to side dishes to the main dish, there is a recipe here for any occasion.
Low-carb baked cabbage
This recipe calls for baking cabbage under a blanket of sour cream and cheese. You can use any cheese you want in this recipe. I like to use a fairly strong cheese such as Gruyere, but you could substitute something milder such as jack or mozzarella. Serve this alongside roasted or grilled chicken, pork or beef. It’s also the perfect side to go with hearty sausages. Get the full recipe here.
Cabbage and ham salad
Cabbage is the best side partner to ham in this salad recipe. It adds texture, taste, and nutrients to your body without you even noticing! A mayonnaise-lemon dressing is used in this case to put it all together. Get the full tutorial at COOKTORIA.
Buttered cabbage with caraway recipe
This recipe blends together butter and cabbage, the dream combination. You simply need to blanch the cabbage to put this one together. Get the full tutorial at Simply Recipes.
Thai mango cabbage wraps
This cabbage recipe is the perfect summer party appetizer. Guests can go crazy stuffing their cabbage wraps with delicious chicken and mango chunks. It's easy, low-carb, and tasty! Get the full tutorial at Cookie and Kate.
Fried cabbage with sausage
I love cabbage, and I really love it in this Southern fried cabbage recipe with sausage. The cabbage cooks down until it's super soft, and the browned bits of Italian sausage on the bottom of the pan mixed with a little bit of water makes a very simple sauce. Get the full recipe here.
Garlic roasted cabbage wedges
Roasting the cabbage adds an extra layer of flavor to this seemingly boring vegetable. The caramelization creates an amazing flavor that simmered or raw cabbage simply lacks. It also happens to add a beautifully browned exterior to the dish, making it look spectacular. Get the full recipe here.
Grilled cabbage recipe
With only 5 ingredients, this grilled cabbage recipe comes together in no time. Tender and sweet as well as crispy where it's grilled, this cabbage dish is a true crowd pleaser. Get the full tutorial at Taste of Home.
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